Frozen 100 Year Old Whisky will be Analysed not Drunk.

Can you believe this? A crate of whisky has been discovered in Shackleton’s Hut; Ernest Shackleton built this hut at Cape Royds on his second Antarctic expedition. This whisky has been just laying there frozen for 100 years, underneath the hut. There was also 4 other crates of spirits left, these were all left during his 1908 expedition.

Sir Ernest Shackleton, in 1915, leader of an expedition to Antarctica that began in 1914 aboard the sailing ship The Endurance.

 Four of the frozen crates were left in place but one, labelled Mackinlay’s whisky, was taken to Christchurch.
He said the whisky may or may not be drinkable but it was highly unlikely it would be tasted. If possible it would be analysed and maybe replicated by the Scottish distillery which now owned the brand.
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Wouldn’t you just love to know how this whisky tasted after 100years. I think it’s great that they are going to try to reproduce it after all this time, it certainly would become the talk of the party that you happened to bring a bottle of the whisky to. They said that once it had been analysed, that they would take it back to the hut in the Antarctic, now that people know it is there, and this hut can be visited on some of the Travel Itinerary, I wonder if some people would take a bottle here and there.

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2 Responses to Frozen 100 Year Old Whisky will be Analysed not Drunk.

  1. Ron says:

    Your right now that they know the whiskey is there, and people think they can get away with it, they would take a bottle. I don’t know if it would be any good, as you don’t usually freeze whiskey, but anyway time will tell.

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