$45 Garage Sale Purchase worth $220 Million.

A LAWYER says a trove of old glass negatives bought in California for $45 has been authenticated as the work of iconic photographer Ansel Adams, worth at least $222 million.
Lawyer Arnold Peter says a team of experts has concluded the 65 negatives are from the early work of Adams.

Photographs from glass negatives by Ansel Adams that were bought for $US45 and are worth $US200 million. Source: AP

It was believed the work had been destroyed in a fire decades ago.

The negatives were bought 10 years ago at a garage sale in Fresno by painter Rick Norsigian, who noticed they resembled Adams’ famed photographs of Yosemite National Park and hired Peter to assemble a team of experts.

Story and photo from the “Courier Mail”

Don’t know who Ansel Adams is? See his work here.

I most likely would of not even taken any notice of these at all, or I may have thought that they were different being glass, and then kept looking around. What a find.

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