At the car wash.(A true story?)

Bill owns a company that manufactures and installs car wash systems.
Now, understand that these are complete systems, including the money changer and money taking machines.

After installing a car wash system for a new customer, there was a major problem. The problem started when the new owner complained to Bill that he was losing significant amounts of money from his coin machines each week.

He went as far as to accuse Bill’s employees of having a key to the boxes and ripping him off.. Bill just couldn’t believe that his people would do that, so they setup a camera to catch the thief in action. Well, they did catch him on film!

That’s a bird sitting on the change slot of the machine.

The bird had to go down into the machine, and back up inside to get to the money!

That’s three coins he has in his beak!

Another amazing thing is that it was not just one bird — there were several working together. Once they identified the thieves, they found over $4000 in coins on the roof of the car wash and more under a nearby tree.

And you thought you had heard of everything by now!!

(Thank you Dee for the story)

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5 Responses to At the car wash.(A true story?)

  1. malc50 says:

    It has to be true, magsx2. No one could dream up such a story!

    Did a dingo take Azaria? On the 30th anniversary of Azaria’s disappearance, Lindy wants her daughter’s birth certificate changed from death by unknown causes to death by dingo or feral dog. Lindy got $1.3 million dollars compensation, but not an apology from the NT government.

    • malc50 says:

      Sorry “birth certificate” should read “death certificate”!

      • magsx2 says:

        Hi malc50,
        Yes I think the story is true, but I wasn’t real sure on the amount of money, regardless, I think it’s a wonderful story, and to get the photo’s with it was great.
        I think Lindy should be allowed to change the death certificate, after all, all charges were dropped, I also don’t think she will, or the family, will ever receive an apology.

  2. travelrat says:

    Oh, my word!

    You couldn’t make that up, could you?

    Next thing,the birds will work out how to get into the pokies … they’ll make a fortune! 🙂

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      Oh good one, 10 and 10 for that comment. When they set the camera up, I bet they never expected the theif to be a bird, I wonder if they had a good laugh.

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