Want to go to Space? Up and Away in a Homemade Rocket.(Video Included)

You could pay millions to get on board someone else’s spacecraft as a tourist, spend six years at uni garnering the relevant NASA qualifications, or hitch-hike aboard the next alien construction fleet that passes through.

Or you could just build your own.

A group of engineers in Denmark are preparing to do just that – launch a home-built rocket, along with a human passenger, more than 100km into the sky.

Dubbed HEAT1X, the rocket will be launched from a floating barge in the sea just outside the Danish border, 12 nautical miles from shore.

And it will be towed out there by a submarine built by one of the men behind the rocket project.

Eccentric engineering genius Peter Madsen lives onboard that homemade submarine, a project that gained him internet fame last year and a Discovery Channel documentary.

Looking to go one up in 2010, Madsen founded Copenhagen Suborbitals with Kristian von Bengston with the aim of building the world’s largest amateur space rocket

Over the last year-and-a-half they have led a team of volunteers to create the HEAT1X rocket and the micro spacecraft it will launch, called Tycho Brahe-1.

Tycho Brahe-1 will carry one human passenger, in a half-seated position, into space and back down again.

The seat is designed to minimise the gravitational pull on the passenger’s spine.

Read the full story in the “Herald Sun”

Source of photo’s Copenhagen Suborbitals, there is a count down till launch on their web site as well.

How good are these guys, not only did they built their own spaceship, but they built the submarine to push it! I hope they do a follow up on this story, so we know how it all went.

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3 Responses to Want to go to Space? Up and Away in a Homemade Rocket.(Video Included)

  1. Sue says:

    Very ingenious, I really hope all goes well for everyone involved, I noticed on their web site that as of today 26th August there is only 4 days to go, surely you would think that this would be on TV somewhere.

  2. magsx2 says:

    Hi Sue,
    Yes it is nearly launch time, I’m assuming this will be on YouTube somewhere, there are a heap of video’s there on the rocket, I really wish everyone concerned the best of luck.

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