Failure to Launch- Copenhagen Suborbitals (Update on Home Made Rocket)

THE first launch attempt of a homemade rocket built by two Danes has failed due to a technical glitch.
Eccentric engineer Peter Madsen founded Copenhagen Suborbitals with Kristian von Bengston two years ago with the aim of building the world’s largest amateur space rocket.

The pair raised more than $71,000 through online donations and used volunteers to build the HEAT1X rocket and the micro spacecraft it was supposed to launch, called Tycho Brahe-1.

Tycho Brahe-1 would eventually carry one human passenger, in a half-seated position, into space and back down again.

Unfortunately for Copenhagen Suborbitals, live footage of the launch off the Baltic island of Bornholm yesterday appeared to show brown smoke coming out of the rocket after the countdown.

Click here to read the full story in “” also source of photo.

I originally wrote about this Home Made Rocket on August 26th if you would like to see the original post.
It is a shame it didn’t work for them, I wish them luck in the future, no doubt they will have another try sometime, hopefully with more success.

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