Hunchback Dinosaur Discovered in Spain. (Video Included)

Meet Quasi-saurus – the first dinosaur to be discovered with a hunchback.
This dinosaur roamed the Earth 130 million years ago in search of smaller dinosaurs and reptiles to devour.
The meat eating creature was the size of a rhino – around 20 ft long, six feet tall and weighing in a four and a half tons – and has been nicknamed ‘the hunchback  of Las Hoyas’ where it was found near the city of Cuenca in western Spain.

The bumps are similar to ‘quill knobs’ found in many modern birds where wing feathers are anchored to the bone with ligaments.
As well as its peculiar spine, the dinosaur could help shed light on the origin of feathers on dinosaurs from which today’s birds descended.
Click here to read the full story in “Mail Online” also source of photo.

It always amazes me the new things that are being discovered all the time. This is a fantasitc find, and I’m sure they will learn a bit more about feathers and dinosaurs, which as been debated for many years.

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2 Responses to Hunchback Dinosaur Discovered in Spain. (Video Included)

  1. Sue says:

    They all look very excited in the video, it is a great find. When ever I read about something like this, I’m always amazed that there is still so much to learn about what happened, or what roamed the earth millions of years ago.

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