Rob Oakeshott Turned His Back on the Farmers.

Voters in Rob Oakeshott’s NSW mid-north coast seat of Lyne say the deal he cut with Labor offers nothing for farmers and small towns.
Mr Oakeshott has been accused of ignoring the southern part of his electorate, where locals are struggling with the declining dairy farming industry, and where the independent MP failed to win some booths on election day.

The farmers believe the focus Mr Oakeshott and fellow independent Tony Windsor have put on regional affairs as their price for supporting a minority government excludes rural industries.

In the small dairy farming town of Comboyne, 60km southwest of Mr Oakeshott’s home base of Port Macquarie, the independent MP won 71 votes compared with 162 for Nationals candidate David Gillespie. Only 15 people in the town voted Labor.

Further southwest at the polling booth of Barrington, Mr Gillespie got more than double Mr Oakeshott’s vote, with a 60 per cent swing towards the Nationals.

Comboyne dairy farmer Rodney Fisher said he believed rural areas would be “a lot better off” if Mr Oakeshott had backed the Coalition to form government, rather than Labor. “I think he’s committed political suicide,” Mr Fisher said. “He’s just lucky we don’t live in the 1800s – someone would have gunned him down.”

Click here to read the full story in “The Australia”

I think most people knew that the farmers would not of been happy with the way Oakeshott went after the election, after all he was suppose to have been representing these people, it seems that a lot of these people in the rural areas don’t get their voices heard. As it stated in the article, the majority did not vote for him in these areas. I know a few people in Port Macquarie, and a lot of people have family and friends that have farms in outlaying areas, it is very much connected in a way. I’m sure Oakeshott will do everything possible to make sure the Government stays in power for the full term, if there was another election he may not get voted back in.

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5 Responses to Rob Oakeshott Turned His Back on the Farmers.

  1. Sue says:

    I have a friend who’s son took over the family’s farm just outside of Port Macquarie and they are really worried about what the Greens are going to do. They voted for Oakeshott, but never thought that he would side with the Labor/Greens. After the son took over the farm, they moved into Port, and yes their are people that are not happy, but others are of two minds, but the people they know are not happy with Labor getting together with the Greens.

  2. magsx2 says:

    Hi Sue,
    I definitely think a new election is not in the best interest of either Oakeshott or Windsor. A friend told me that even some of the comments in the local paper are not looking good for Oakeshott.

  3. Winton Bates says:

    I think conservative voters might think twice about voting independent again in the near future in the light of the decision by Oakeshott and Windsor to deliver government to the Labor Party.
    However, I suppose there is a chance that the independents might realize that they have made a mistake and give their support to the Coalition before the next election. If so, perhaps conservative voters will then see them as heroes.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Winton,
      Nice to see you over here.
      I think your right, some people will think twice before voting Independent again, after everything that has happened.
      I doubt that they ever would go over to the coalition, there ideas seem to be very close to Labor , I even had the feeling after seeing a few interviews on the TV, that they would surely go with Labor.

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