Oakeshott Receives Threat.

Australian Federal Police are investigating threats made against Independent MP Rob Oakeshott ahead of a planned public meeting at Port Macquarie on the New South Wales mid-north coast.

The meeting, called by the local newspaper in Mr Oakeshott’s seat of Lyne, has been cancelled.

The MP says feelings are running high in some parts of his electorate after his deal with Labor to form a minority government.

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Threats are way over the top I feel, but it certainly gives an indication on how the people that voted for him feels. As I wrote about in an earlier post, a lot of people are not happy.

Oakeshott Puts His Hand Up For Speaker Role.

In a statement released today, Mr Oakeshott said he had made the decision in the wake of a series of parliamentary reforms, which he spearheaded, being agreed to by Labor and the Coalition.

But Mr Oakeshott has also indicated he may be open to changing sides after Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said he would try to turn the Member for Lyne and other key Independents that sided with Labor.

Click here to read the full story in the “Courier Mail”

Is Oakeshott backpeddling now, I wonder if this is because the people in his home town are not happy and now he is trying to make things right? I think Oakeshott should of made sure on how the people who voted for him felt as well as all other considerations, it seems he didn’t think about these people much at all.

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5 Responses to Oakeshott Receives Threat.

  1. bingbing says:

    There’s the argument out there spouted by Labor-luvvies that the other side is only peeved because Robb didn’t side with the Coalition.

    Of course, “the other side” knows this is clearly wrong for reasons well known and the luvvies would do well to put the shoe on the other foot.

    What if the electorate were prodominatly Labor-leaning and the candidate presented himself as Left-leaning, but then had decided to side with a Coalition behind on the 2PP and waaaay behind on the primary vote?

    To understate it, they would not be amused.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi bingbing,
      You are spot on. Oakeshott must of known that most of his electorate voted against Labor, wouldn’t you have thought that he would of at least tried to find out what his voters thought.

  2. gregoryno6 says:

    ‘Threats’ is rather vague. Did someone promise to turn up with Grandad’s 303? Or did they just express an intention to give Oakeshott a large and unambiguous piece of their mind?
    Oakeshott is doing plenty to harm himself, at any rate. That ‘I don’t remember’ routine about asking Iemma for a ministry was as telling about the man as the approach to Iemma itself.
    Tony Abbott should not be making any attempt to woo the independents over. Their behaviour since the election hasn’t exactly revealed sterling qualities of character. Let them sink! Let them go down with the rest of the crew on SS Jooolya.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi gregoryno6,
      It never said in the article what the threats were, just that they were:-
      ” erring on the side of caution and for all the right reasons.”
      So it could of been anything. I agree I also think these guys are going to sink if they haven’t already as far as their voters go.
      I heard on the news tonight that Joe Hockey thought it would be the Independents that would bring on a DD, unfortunately I only caught the end of the interview.

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