Mexico’s Underwater Museum (Video Included)

The Cancun and Isla Mujeres Underwater Art Museum is a step closer to becoming the world’s largest underwater museum by adding three new sculptures.
The sculptures – Dream Collector, Man on Fire and The Gardener of Hope – were carefully submerged to a variety of different depths throughout the national park.


Created by British/Guyanese artist Jason de Caires Taylor, the sculptures were placed near natural reefs and marine life in order to create an artificial habitat.


Dream Collector features dozens of bottles containing messages of encouragement sent from around the world, while Man on Fire has 75 holes planted with fire coral.
One of the messages reads: “May our hearts, never become as hard as our heads,” by Roberto Diaz, President of the Cancun Underwater Museum.

The Gardener of Hope depicts a young girl lying on a garden patio.

The sculptures have been created with PH neutral concrete that will allow algae and small invertebrates to flourish, boosting the local ecosystem. The appearance of the sculptures will change over time as the coral reefs and marine life grow.


Nearly 300,000 tourists flock to the area each year and it is hoped that the underwater museum will lure them away from the area’s natural coral reefs – which has been damaged over the years.
Jaime Gonzalez, the national park’s director, says the museum will help restore the natural reefs.

Read more in the “Courier Mail”

See more pictures in “”

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8 Responses to Mexico’s Underwater Museum (Video Included)

  1. malc50 says:

    Thanks magsx2. This is a step up on our practice of sinking Naval ships to make artificial reefs and a dive area (see ).

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi malc50,
      Thank You for the link. I watched the video on the link, and I will be waiting to see when they actually do sink the ship, so I will keep an eye out for that. I think it’s a great idea sinking the old ships, it does do wonders getting an artificial reef going, but I agree it certainly is a lot nicer to have an underwater museum.

  2. Sue says:

    How good is that! I could just imagine going into the water and seeing this museum, it would be spectacular.

  3. travelrat says:

    I wonder if this might work on the Barrier Reef somewhere?

    I remember seeing an Army tank so treated in the Gulf of Aqaba (I assume it was done deliberately, otherwise the driver is probably still in the brig! :D)

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      It certainly would create more tourists I feel, to the reef.
      A tank in the Gulf of Aqaba, well we would never know if it was deliberate or not, we can only guess on that one. 🙂

  4. Selma says:

    That is just incredible. I would love to see it. It is magical. Look at the colours!

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