Largest Living Rodent:- Capybara+Video Monkeys riding Capybaras

The capybara is the largest living rodent in the world. Its closest relatives are agouti, chinchillas, coyphillas, and guinea pigs. Its common name, derived from Kapiÿva in the Guarani language, means “master of the grasses”while its scientific name, hydrochaeris, is Greek for “water hog”.

Capybaras have heavy, barrel-shaped bodies and short heads with reddish-brown fur on the upper part of their body that turns yellowish-brown underneath. Adult capybaras may grow to 130 centimetres (4.3 ft) in length, and weigh up to 65 kg (140 lb). The top recorded weight is 105.4 kg (232 lbs). Capybaras have slightly webbed feet, no tail, and 20 teeth. Their back legs are slightly longer than their front legs and their muzzles are blunt with eyes, nostrils, and ears on top of their head. Females are slightly heavier than males. Females: 80 to 145 pounds. Males: 75 to 135 pounds.

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6 Responses to Largest Living Rodent:- Capybara+Video Monkeys riding Capybaras

  1. Jill says:

    This is a new one on me, I have never heard of this animal nor even seen it in a zoo, seems to be very placid, the monkeys are having a field day, but it just doesn’t seem to be worried at all.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Jill,
      I agree it does seem very placid, I also haven’t seen the Capybaras anywhere except of course in pictures, I would love to see this animal for real.

  2. travelrat says:

    Truly a ‘King Rat’! 😀

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