Magic Water Tour:- Largest Fountain Complex in the World (Video)

The Magic Water Tour, inaugurated July 26, 2007, currently comprises the property of the Park of the Reserve. It was part of a series of projects completed by the mayor of Lima, Dr. Luis Castañeda Lossio at a cost of US $13 M. The project was criticized because of its costs and design, and that it constituted a complete renovation of a historically significant park.


Additionally, others criticized the charging of entrance fees (as of 2009, S/. 4.00) to a public place. Proceeds from this entrance fee (between S/. 40000.00 and 60000.00) are currently being used to renovate the Municipal Theatre of Lima. By March 1, 2008, the tour received its two millionth visitor. The Magic Water Tour is currently the world record holder for the largest fountain complex in the world, consisting of 13 distinct fountains, many of which are interactive. All of the fountains are lighted at night, many with continuously changing color schemes.


The largest fountain in the Park of the Reserve, named “Magic Fountain” contains a jet which forces water to a height of over 80 m. Additional attractions are the Tunnel Fountain of Surprises, a 35 m walk-thru tunnel of water ; the Children’s Fountain , a walk-in automated fountain; and a tunnel connecting the two sections of the park which contains an exhibition highlighting recent public works projects in Lima.

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4 Responses to Magic Water Tour:- Largest Fountain Complex in the World (Video)

  1. Jill says:

    That is really well done, I love the way they have done the laser show, very well thought out, I can see why this is on the tour list.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Jill,
      Yes it does look spectacular, I also like the special area that they designed for the kids as well. I hope this is generating some money into the community, there are a lot of poor people that live in Peru.

  2. travelrat says:

    Lovely! I love fountains; I have a little one in my back garden.

    I do wish, though, that the commentary hadn’t all but drowned out the music. Maybe you’d like a look at this … … it’s not very good; I was using a poor-quality camera that didn’t do sound, and added the music, from another source, later.

    But, a lot of people seemed to like it.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      Fountains are beautiful aren’t they. They tend to make everything seem a bit cooler in summer, and I feel there is a sense of beauty, and of course I love the sounds of different fountains.
      We used to have a fountain out the back (in another house) it was always nice to sit on the deck on a hot afternoon, and listen to the running water.

      What lovely colours in the fountain on your post, it really did look nice, you did a pretty good job of it.

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