A House Made with A Boeing 747 (Video Included)

An architect has built a house from an entire Boeing 747 jet in California.

When David Hertz was first asked by a millionaire client to build a house using the wings of a plane, neither thought the entire jet would be used.

The Wing House, just outside of Los Angeles, had to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration so pilots won’t mistake the house for a crashed plane.

The Boeing 747 was used to build six structures on a 55-acre property including the main residence, guest house and animal barn.

Read the full story in “Bigpond News” (There is also a video in the article, and
it shows some rooms in the house.)

Well that is  definitely looking outside of the square and coming up with something different. I think it looks great, and certainly not something anyone else has got. Each room is unique in it’s own way, even the outside looks good I feel, what a great idea to come up with because the Lady wanted curves on her house instead of the norm.

If for some reason you cannot view the video you can see it here:-

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6 Responses to A House Made with A Boeing 747 (Video Included)

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  2. malc50 says:

    Another interesting post (as usual) magsx2! 🙂 Welcome back after a short Christmas break. I trust you had a good Christmas.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi malc50,
      I had a wonderful Xmas Thank You. It was a lot cooler than normal, so we thoroughly enjoyed our Baked Dinner. I just wish this rain would disappear, I feel so sorry for those people that have lost their homes etc. there is just water laying everywhere, here in Brisbane, it’s starting to flood again, roads are cut, the usual, not good at all. I know where you live there has also been a lot of rain, I hope everything is alright up there. They are saying that this rain will continue till New Year, and maybe the weekend after.

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  4. Wow! That’s incredible. I tried to view the video in the article but got “This video is not available in your territory,” or something equally strange. (I’ve heard of this happening before, though.) I couldn’t help but think how this millionaire is spending so much money to build a unique home in an earthquake-prone area of the U.S. Maybe, if disaster strikes, the house takes flight to safer ground! 🙂

    • magsx2 says:

      Amiable Amiable,
      The video works fine on my site, but we are getting a lot of video’s like that on YouTube lately. There have been video’s that I have been able to watch on other sites, that had a message you have to watch on YouTube, or visa versa.
      I posted a video on my Xmas post, that I told everyone that they had to watch on YouTube, and I got e-mails telling me they saw the video without any problems, yet on my site I couldn’t watch it. (Who knows what is happening)

      I didn’t know the area was Earthquake prone. “If disaster strikes, the house takes flight to safer ground” I love it.

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