Passengers Overpower Hijacker.

Passengers aboard a Turkish Airlines flight from Oslo overpowered a would-be hijacker as the plane landed at Istanbul airport on Wednesday, fellow passengers told Turkish media.
Police said the man was a Turk who had demanded that the plane return to Norway. His motive was unclear. According to the Turkish Dogan news agency, he tried to force his way into the cockpit of the plane saying: “I have a bomb.”

The pilot notified emergency services at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport. Passengers were quickly taken off after landing and the man was arrested and the bomb found to be a fake.

“I was sitting at the front end of the plane and I heard voices at the back of the plane around 30 minutes before we landed,” said Lelya Kilic, one of the 59 passengers aboard flight TK1754 from Oslo.

“I saw a fight between passengers and a man with a mask, carrying a device that looked like a radio handset.”

Police said a passenger had been sitting on top of the hijacker when they entered the plane, a Dogan journalist said. Police identified the hijacker as Cuma Yasar.

Read the full story in “Yahoo News”

Photo source:- Wikimedia Commons.

What was going on with the hijacker? Why board a plane in Oslo, get within 30min of your destination, put on a mask, and demand to go back to Oslo? It just doesn’t make any sense, it just seems like something is missing here. I’m also assuming that the plane would have to refuel as well. It just makes you wonder why someone would want to go back to where they came from so desperately, that they would try a hijacking. Did he just change his mind, maybe we will never know.
As far as the passengers go, even though this hijacker didn’t have a bomb, the passengers didn’t know that, and personally I feel they should be rewarded in some way, maybe the airlines can give each of them a free return flight to somewhere.

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4 Responses to Passengers Overpower Hijacker.

  1. Sue says:

    Now that’s the type of news story I love to read. I also think these passengers should be rewarded, well done to those that were involved.

  2. malc50 says:

    Norwegian new reports: “Turkish media reported Thursday that the man, originally from a Kurdish area of Turkey, has psychiatric problems. Newspaper Avisa Hordaland reported that he’d most recently been living in the mountain town of Voss in western Norway and last summer had gone on a hunger strike in an effort to secure permanent residence.” Sounds like the fellow was keen to call Norway home.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi malc50,
      Thanks for the info. It really does sound crazy for someone to hop on a plane and then want to go back where they came from, why on earth did he leave Norway to start with, we may never know.

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