Parts of Brisbane to Evacuate (Queensland Floods)

Residents in several suburbs in and around Brisbane have been told to evacuate immediately – with floods greater than 1974 expected to hit the southeast.
A wall of flood waters is heading towards Brisbane, with residents warned to prepare for a major flood and parts of the CBD being evacuated.

Traffic is streaming out of the city as office blocks in Eagle and Wharf streets and restaurants along South Bank are evacuated. Congestion is heavy along Coronation Drive.

Car parks in Brisbane’s CBD have opened their boom gates and advised people to get their cars out.
Caboolture, north of Brisbane, is now isolated by floodwaters and police have told all residents in low-lying areas to immediately move to higher ground.

Police have told residents in low-lying areas of Strathpine and Caboolture to evacuate immediately.

“The flood levels are expected to be greater than the 1974 floods. Do not stay in your homes please leave immediately,” the police alert said. “Cars should be moved from low-lying areas.”

Inner-Brisbane suburbs New Farm, West End, Fortitude Valley and Bowen Hills are now being evacuated.

The Brisbane River has broken its banks at West End. Rivers and creeks throughout the region are still rising.

High tides are expected to strike at about 1.30pm, wreaking further havoc.

Read the full story in the “Courier Mail”

More pictures here at the Courier Mail picture gallery.

Policelink Flood Information Hotline:
Relatives and friends seeking information about people in flood affected areas should call 1300 993 191
International calls: +61 7 3055 6220

Brisbane is in one hell of a mess at the moment. Public transport has been stopped, but only in certain areas. Because roads are cut everywhere, buses cannot get through in a lot of areas, the same applies for the trains, some tain tracks are flooded. Some parts of the CBD is being evacuated, as the Brisbane river rises, businesses are closing to let people get home while they can. Some have not been able to get home, there are people stuck at railway stations, bus stations, that will not be getting home tonight anyway.

I got a phone call from my Husband who just happened to be on day shift this week, the boss left it too late to send them home, and they didn’t know that all this was happening, they are now stuck at work, my Husband included, water is rising rather fast, but my Husband tells me that he is alright where he is. How many thousands are caught in this nightmare that we are in here in Brisbane and areas around Brisbane are stuck, or in danger, it really is a very scary situation.

A lot of Mobile phones are not working, so many people trying to find out if loved ones, family, friends etc. are alright. The Emergency Services have asked everyone to not use their Mobil phones except in an emergency, as people are having trouble getting through to the  Emergency services. Nothing was said about landline phones.

We are now in the middle of another storm, thunder lightning heavy rain, I’m really get sick of this rain, it just doesn’t seem to want to stop.

So please everyone no matter where you are, stay safe, stay off the roads if possible, and if stuck somewhere look after one another as much as possible, my thoughts are with you all.

For the best coverage of what is happening in Brisbane and surrounds is on radio 612 ABC Brisbane, they are running commentary minute by minute, for those overseas that would like to know about certain areas that family or friends are in here is the link to the radio station above and you can listen online.

612 Radio ABC Brisbane online.

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