Toowoomba Absolute Devastation (Queensland Floods) 2Videos

Thanks to Elsie for a heads up on this one from James Board Blog.

Warning:- A small bit of bad language in this one.

There is also a good video in this article in the “Courier Mail”

See also pictures of Toowoomba’s Flash Flooding in the Courier Mail Picture Gallery.

Policelink Flood Information Hotline:
Relatives and friends seeking information about people in flood affected areas should call 1300 993 191
International calls: +61 7 3055 6220

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7 Responses to Toowoomba Absolute Devastation (Queensland Floods) 2Videos

  1. Spiral says:

    My mother has been staying near the hospital to care for my brother for the past month. He’s so improved that she finally left yesterday to pick up the dog she dumped on the in-laws. She flew to Queensland and drove to Toowoomba. So her short respite from drama is anything but. Anyway, my family are safe though may not be able to get out of town.

    Devastating indeed.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Spiral,
      That’s good news that everyone is safe. All roads are now cut in and out of Toowoomba, so they may be stuck there for awhile, but as long as everyone is safe that is the main thing. All hell as broken loose here in Brisbane, the rain just won’t let up, heaps more on it’s way. It’s nearly 10am here at Brisbane at the moment and it’s really dark, heaps of storms around, and major flooding happening rigtht now. Toowoomba is also getting a major storm, it is going to get a lot worse.

  2. KORA says:

    Thanks for the incredible insight into floods, I come from Twmba & lived at withcott, before moving to the scenic rim 10 yrs ago. I have family & friends that are safe thx god. I’ve never seen it rain torrentionally in withcott let alone flood. omgggg

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Kora,
      Glad to hear that your Family and Friends are all OK. That of course is the main thing.
      It is absolutely incredible, the amount of water that is around, and it’s still raining here in Brisbane with storms as well. Toowoomba and surrounding areas are still getting rain as well.
      We are now hearing reports of people storming supermarkets getting as much food as possible, some supermarkets here in Brisbane have closed, due to flooding.
      Thank You for visiting and your comment.

  3. Jo-Anne says:

    These a great videos thank goodness I am not affected but I have a niece living somewhere around Brisbane and I have worried about her but thankfully she is not affected.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Jo-Anne,
      Glad to hear that your niece is not affected by all the floods. I feel that is the main thing. It’s a nice feeling when we know our Family and Friends are safe.
      Thank You for visiting and your comment.

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