Brisbane Floods Peaked, Raw Sewage in River. (List of suburbs Affected)Video’s

Brisbane is waking up to a mighty river peaking lower than 1974 levels, but nevertheless devastating for dozens of suburbs and tens of thousands of homes.
According to Queensland Police , the river has reached its peak and will remain high for the rest of the day.

It’s currently at 4.46 metres and is expected to remain at or near that level for about an hour, before slowly receding.
“We still expect it to be above major flood levels until sometime during Friday and remain high over the weekend,” Mr Harrison said.

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said there was a lot of water in the CBD, but the lower than expected peak had saved many businesses and high-rise apartment buildings.

He said revised figures, based on a 4.6 metre peak, suggested 11,900 properties would be fully flooded “with water across the whole property footprint”, and 14,700 partially affected.
“We all now have to rally together to help these people clean up, the ones that have suffered impacts,” he told the ABC.

He said drinking water supplies in the Brisbane City Council local government area were safe and secure.
Overnight the Bureau of Meteorology  revised down the expected peak three times, from the original estimate of 5.5m. It was revised to 5.2m, then less than 5m, before the latest estimate of 4.6m at 4am.

Read the full story in the “Courier Mail”

Here is a list of Suburbs and Streets that have been flooded.

Suburbs Waking to a War Zone.

Premier Anna Bligh says some Brisbane residents are waking up a “post-war zone” this morning after floods destroyed a number of suburbs.
While the Brisbane River peak was lower than first feared, and well below the record levels of the 1974 floods, thousands of homes and businesses have been wiped out, and the Premier says more heartbreak still lay ahead for more of the city’s residents.

“All the briefings in the world don’t really prepare you for what you’re going to see,” Ms Bligh said. “This is still a very dangerous sitaution, thousands of people are waiting for the total devastation of their homes and businesses, and for some people it’s both.

Read the full story in the “Courier Mail”

127,000 Residents Without Power.

Nearly 130,000 southeast Queenslanders are without power as floods force Energex and Ergon to shut down large sections of their network.
Brisbane has suffered the largest network shut down, with 100,000 homes and businesses without power.

Read the full story in the “Courier Mail”

Raw Sewage Pouring into Brisbane River.

Raw sewage is spewing into the Brisbane River after treatment facilities broke down upstream.
Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said much of the sewerage infrastructure upstream from the Brisbane area had been damaged and treatment plants had been inundated with water.
“What that means bluntly is raw sewage is going into creeks, streams and the Brisbane River,” he said.

Read the full story in the “Courier Mail”
I really feel for all those people who have lost everything, a lot still in evacuation centers throughout Brisbane that still do not know what if anything has happened to their homes. These floods have turned out to be very deadly indeed, there are still people missing from other areas in Queensland that have been affected by these flood waters. We are getting full coverage of everything here in Brisbane and new information is coming in all the time. As the day wears on there will be a lot of story’s emerging, already throughout this terrible month we have heard of so many people who have risked their lives to save others, and not just one story there have been reports daily of this.

For people who have to walk through these flood waters to get to their homes, please by careful, remember it is salt water, there have been reports of a lot of snakes, as well as raw sewage in the water (see above) so make sure you have a really good shower when you get out, there is a lot of floating rubbish, as well as stuff under the water that may be sharp, bits of metal etc. so please everyone take all precautions.

Pictures here at the Courier Mail photo gallery.

There are heaps of video’s on You Tube on the floods, for those that would like to see more, here is a link:-

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3 Responses to Brisbane Floods Peaked, Raw Sewage in River. (List of suburbs Affected)Video’s

  1. bingbing says:

    Thanks for that round-up, Mags. Saves a bit of time. Glad you appear to be safe, but did you have to show that idiot Gillard?

    The reporter didn’t do that much research, either. 1974? 1893?

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi bingbing,
      Yes safe and sound Thanks.
      “Did you have to show that idiot Gillard?” I know, I know, but it did have some good footage on it, even though there are thousands of video’s to choose from, not many “news” video’s that I could embed on the blog, so that is the one I ended up with. When it all dies down there will most likely be heaps, but everyone I picked embedding was disabled.

      But I did leave a You Tube link with hundreds of video’s on it, under the video’s to make up for it. 🙂

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