Sharks, Snakes & Looters (Queensland Floods)

There are reports of looters and a bull shark in the flooded Ipswich suburb of Goodna, west of Brisbane.

Local Councillor Paul Tully says the main street of the Ipswich suburb is four to six metres under water.
He says residents have reported seeing two boats of people breaking into homes along Brisbane Terrace.
“The people who do that in the time of a disaster are despicable – they’re the scum of the Earth,” he said.

He has also warned Ipswich residents to stay out of floodwaters after a bull shark was spotted in the main street of Goodna.
He says sharks are common in the Goodna stretch of the Brisbane river and residents should take care.

“I never would have thought I would ever have seen a bull shark in the main street of Goodna.”

Read the full story in the “ABC News”

Beware of Snakes in Floodwaters

Brisbane residents should be careful when entering floodwaters, with the number of snakes in the southeast region likely to rise.
Snake catcher Geoff Jacobs, of Brisbane’s southside, said he had been “flat strap” since water inundated numerous suburbs in Queensland’s capital.
“There’ll be a hell of a lot of venomous snakes (including king brown snakes and eastern brown snakes) out there in the next week.”

Read the full story in the “Courier Mail”

Photo of shark from Wikimedia Commons. Here

Yes the looters are out and about again, I certainly hope when they catch these people that they throw the book at them. Unfortunately when people have to evacuate, looters move in. It is unfortunate, but it happens in every flood.

Update:- A friend just send me these photo’s.                                                                             

There have been a lot of reports about snakes everywhere, as places flood, they are getting stuck on debris and are getting washed away with the waters, and then they get onto land, so please everyone, look before you walk, a lot came down from Toowoomba as well. The people in Rockhampton also had trouble with snakes, there has also been reports of snakes taking refuge on people’s steps, so keep your eyes wide open.
The king tide hit Brisbane in the early hours this morning, as soon as I can get a list of places affected I will post. There was reports that it was not going to be as high as predicted.  List now available see this post :-
Peak Reach in Brisbane (List of Suburbs Affected) Queensland Floods.

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11 Responses to Sharks, Snakes & Looters (Queensland Floods)

  1. travelrat says:

    It said on our news that the tidal surge turned out to be 2 feet lower than expected … but, the looters! Words fail me! Except to hope that each one finds a Fierce Snake among the stuff he’s trying to nick.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      Thank goodness the water didn’t go the 5.5m they originally predicted, then is was 5.2m and it reached it’s peak at 4.46m. The powers that be decided to cut back on the water they were releasing from Wivenhoe Dam before the king tide hit. They of course will have to open it again, but now that we are over the king tide, this should all work out. But still even at those levels 20,000 homes, businesses etc. have been affected.

      The looters are unbelievable, it happens every time, I will never understand why these people do this. There are some reports coming out that the Police have caught a couple already, some are in boats and putting things in their boat, it’s just beyond words.

      I have finally got the list of all suburbs affected by the floods, if you are wondering about Family or Friends, all the information is in the post above this one. I hope everyone you know is safe.

  2. malc50 says:

    Hi magsx2, I wouldn’t believe Paul Tully (he’s a renown s..t-stirrer) about the bull sharks at Goodna during the floods. Sharks have been known to be in the Brisbane River, but when the water was salty. With so much fresh water from the floods, …!

  3. gregoryno6 says:

    Pity you can’t train sharks like dogs.
    “Looter, boy! Get him!”

  4. malc50 says:

    Hi magsx2, My nephew helped a mate clean up his home at Fairfield today. My nephew’s wife binned his shorts, socks and shoes when he got home.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi malc50,
      Very smart Lady. It’s best to have the long rubber boots, but I know not everyone has these, and of course long gloves, and a really good shower after. The smell is horrendous, and of course we have raw sewage in the water so when the water goes down you really don’t know what your walking in. Diseases in times like these are very easily gotten, so everyone should be extra careful.

      • hi! in response to the disease around just after floods, think we still in it….10 months and we r still sick constantly…can only get better…ps.we live in goodna

        • magsx2 says:

          Hi Lauraine,
          It’s incredible isn’t it, I’m sorry to hear you are still sick after all this time, there certainly was a lot of different bacteria in the flood waters. Goodna coped a fair bit of water at the time, I’m on the North side of Brisbane, and we were lucky we didn’t get flooded here at home.
          Thank You for visiting my blog and your comment.

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