Diving With Great White Sharks (Video’s)

For those that are brave enough to want to go diving with Great Whites, I do envy you. This is something I would love to do, just not game. I think it would be excitement plus, but I know when the time came to get into that cage I’m really sure that my legs would not move. Just seeing the Sharks fin going around the cage would be enough for me to back right off. 🙂

Shark Proof Cage.
A shark proof cage is an extremely strong metal cage used by a SCUBA diver to safely examine sharks up close. Shark proof cages are built to withstand being repeatedly rammed and otherwise attacked by large, powerful sharks. However, many such cages are not completely shark proof, as a determined sharks can still compromise the cage. Rather, the cages provide a visual and tactile deterrent to the shark. Cage diving allows people to come very close to sharks such as the great white shark.

Shark Cage Accidents
In 2005 a British tourist was nearly killed when a 20-foot Great White shark bit through the bars of Currie’s shark cage during a recreational shark dive off the coast of South Africa. The shark circled several times before charging the cage, it bit through a portion of the cage and then severed it from the cable connecting it to a boat on the surface. Currie realized that his cage was sinking as the shark mounted what would have been its final and fatal attack. Currie quickly swam out of the top of the cage and was pulled to safety by the boat’s captain, who fended off the shark with blows to its head.

In 2007, a commercial shark cage was destroyed off the coast of Guadalupe Island after a 15-foot Great White shark became entangled in it and tore the cage apart in a frantic effort to free itself. Tourists captured video of the incident, which quickly spread throughout the Internet. (See Video below)
Some great photo’s here in the Daily Telegraph picture gallery, also a larger version of the one used above.

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8 Responses to Diving With Great White Sharks (Video’s)

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  2. travelrat says:

    Great Whites are one form of wildlife I’d be happy to spend an entire lifetime without seeing … I’d be out of the water before I got wet!

    Did you ever here that you can’t swim faster than a shark … but, all you have to do is swim faster than the guy next to you?

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      I agree scary stuff, just looking at the pictures, and video’s is as close as I would get, as I said above as soon as I saw that fin, there is no way I would be able to move my legs, I think I would freeze.
      Loved your quote, I hadn’t heard that before, and oh so true. 😆

  3. Elchico says:

    Oddly enough, not doing the shark cage diving is one of the biggest regrets I had when I left Cape Town… and it was really cheaper than in Australia too 😉

    Maybe I’m just crazy!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Elchico,
      What a shame that you didn’t get a chance to go cage diving. A lot of people that have done it have described it as Awesome, and they absolutely loved it. As I said I would love to do this, but I’m just not game. You never know another chance may come up for you, make sure if it is on your list of things to do, don’t miss the opportunity. It doesn’t surprise me at all that the cage diving in Cape Town was cheaper than Australia, OZ can be expensive when it comes to tourism.

  4. bingbing says:

    Beautiful video, but even when watching the first, I was still pretty sure HD TV would be satisfying enough.

    After watching the second, I was dead certain.

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