Cyclone Yasi Queensland Australia (Information)

Cyclone Yasi at the time of writing this is still hitting North Queensland, it hit the Queensland Coast as a category 5. It was in the middle of the night, so reports are just starting to come in now. For people wondering about Family and Friends and haven’t heard anything, don’t panick, there are mobile phone towers down everywhere, 175,000 people at the moment are without power. I also have Friends up North and the last I heard was 7.30pm last night it is now 7am.

Now that we have daylight we should start to get more information. For those that don’t know much about cyclones a category 5 has wind gusts around 280-300 Km/h (185 Miles per hour) as the cyclone goes further inland it weakens until eventually it goes to a category 1 then a rain depression. You should be starting to hear reports of it dropping down to category 2 at the moment. The cyclone is 500 km wide to give you an idea of the size, it would cover the United States, most of Asia and large parts of Europe. There is an article with what the cyclone would look like in these Countries, they have put the cyclone on the map over the countries. Here is the link to those maps plus a bit of information as well.

Now that it is daylight we should start to get some pictures up soon. I will update as the day goes on. As category 5 the hardest hit areas were:- Innisfail, Cardwell, Tully. All areas around these major places are still getting hit, so not much information coming out at the moment.
At the moment there is a live feed in the Courier Mail, people are starting to give a bit of information from some areas. I don’t know how long the live feed will be going for but here is the link. There is also some video in the article, again I don’t know how long these video’s will stay in the article.

Radio ABC 612 is giving full cyclone coverage.

Here is the link to the Courier Mail’s main page, that will be updating during the day.

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