Cyclone Yasi Queensland Update1 (Pictures)

This is the where the cyclone is at the moment.


There is massive damage in a lot of areas, no reports yet of anybody being injured at all, and no reports of any deaths, so this is very good news. Townsville is still being hit at the moment. The eye of the cyclone is very large and is taking up to 40min to an hour to pass, please people remember the worse of the wind gusts is after the eye, stay put and don’t move.

They are expecting a tidal surge with high tide about to hit the coast, so we could see some more flooding. They are still having live chats in the Courier Mail some people from affected areas are using this as well. Also some video in this link as well. I don’t know how long the live chats will go for.

We are starting to get some photo’s through, remember the cyclone hit in the middle of the night, and is still going, so it’s taking awhile for information to come out. If you haven’t heard from Family or Friends please don’t panic, a lot of mobile phone towers are down, and 175,000 people without power. This is far from over the cyclone is still moving inland, some people have been holed up in their bathrooms for over 12 hrs, and still cannot go outside.

Radio ABC 612 is giving full coverage of the cyclone.

More photo’s here at the Courier Mail picture gallery. As the day goes on more people will send in the photo’s, and they will go into this gallery.

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