Cyclone Yasi Queensland Update2

Cardwell, Tully and Mission Beach seems to be the hardest hit from cyclone Yasi.

People are finally able to get into Cardwell, it was evacuated before the cyclone hit land, there was 100 people who decided to stay, from what I heard on the radio,  some people had been in touch. The marina is totally destroyed, most of the boats, have been ripped apart, some ended up on land. There are power lines down everywhere, roofs torn from buildings, and of course trees got ripped out of the ground, a lot of those trees landed on the power lines. If you would like to know more, the Courier Mail as an article about Cardwell.

Story from a resident at Cardwell that stayed in their house during the cyclone.

Townsville Mayor Les Tyrell has warned Townsville could run out of fresh drinking water tonight after power outages shut down the water treatment plant.
Cr Tyrell has pleaded with residents to conserve water.
“Certainly our water treatment plant at Douglas, our major sewerage treatment plants and the council’s communication system have all been put off line,” he said.
“Unless we conserve water in Townsville, there is a reasonable likelihood that the city could run out of water tonight. Courier Mail.

Townsville was not hit as hard, but it would have still been terrifying for anyone that was in the middle of it, as the winds were still horrendous, there is a bit of flooding in the low lying areas because of the storm surge, some roofs are gone, a lot of trees down but not near as much damage as Cardwell and Tully. For obvious reasons none of these areas have any power. Power is usually tuned off just before the cyclone hits, so that when the power lines come down there is no danger.

The cyclone is still moving inland, but it is now down to a category 1. There is still damaging winds as the cyclone moves on. As people in some areas can leave the evacuation centers, the clean up will begin, some people unfortunately have lost their whole house, others will find major damage, and some people will be able to move straight back into their home.

More photo’s here at the Courier Mail photo gallery.

Photo’s of people getting ready for the cyclone to hit.

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10 Responses to Cyclone Yasi Queensland Update2

  1. travelrat says:

    This is excellent information … MUCH better than our TV news services; we just had a second-hand report from SYDNEY, relaying stuff ‘our man’ was getting from Aussie TV.

    (Most of ‘our men’ are in Egypt right now … and, before they mentioned Yasi, they had extremely prolix coverage from there, some money-bunny wittering about the economy and something about yet another polly caught with his fingers in the till. Whoever decided the running order last night ought to be in the dole queue tonight!)

    Got a much better account from a guy named Greg, who was tweeting from Mission Beach, until the battery on his laptop ran out. I hope he’s OK.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      Thank You. Just like the floods, I think people are finding it hard to get information, especially if you are o/seas.

      I can see why you got better information from Greg. You will be happy to know that there is still no reports of injury or death, this is always really good news, it was all organized as best as could be I feel, there are still towns that people can’t get into. I was glued to the live feed in the paper last night, as we also have a few friends up North and like everyone else I was trying to get as much information as possible. We still haven’t heard from all our friends yet.

      I’m listening to the radio at the moment, and the people inland, although the cyclone is down to 1 are really going through hell. They are predicting the cyclone will be no more at about 1 am tomorrow. Can you imagine the terror all these people went through last night and today, I really feel for all of them.

  2. gregoryno6 says:

    The photos on these posts give me some idea of what we might have missed here in Perth when Bianca fizzled out. That hailstorm last March did a lot of percussive damage and flooded a few streets, but airborne sheets of tin are something else again.
    Hope you and yours stay well, mags.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi gregoryno6,
      Did you manage to look at the photo gallery, I would of hated to be in that, the nerves would of been shot I can tell you. I have trouble with bad storms here in Brisbane, so I know I would of been really nervous before the cyclone even hit. From the photo’s of people getting ready for the cyclone gives you a fair idea of what everyone went through before the cyclone hit. Reports just coming in that there is a guy missing, he was trying to move his boat in Cardwell, I really hope they find him and he is OK.

      The last time we had a cyclone here in Brisbane was back in the 70’s, so we are well and truly due for one. There should be a few more, as we are in cyclone season, and we have at least another month and a half before it is over for this year anyway, same as with Perth.

      Perth was very lucky that Bianca fizzled out, as it also was carrying very strong winds.

  3. kymbo says:

    Great pics.. If you wake up to find a big boat in your yard… is it yours? I mean, couldnt we just throw a tarp over it and just say “Oh that old thing?” when the SES ask what it was….

  4. gitwizard says:

    Impressive photos. Thank goodness there wasn’t the loss of life that had been feared. There seems to have been little in the way of follow-up stories on something that was such an unusual event (at least on the internet feeds, I don’t have a TV). It’s only by looking at blogs that I got much info and pics, but maybe there will be more in the news at a later date.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi gitwizard,
      There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information around for people at all, I really feel for those people 0/seas that have family and friends here in Queensland and are trying to find out whatever they can.
      I put in a post today “Cyclone Yasi the big clean up” that will be the last post on the cyclone. They have closed the towns off that got the full force of the cyclone, as it gives those people a chance to get in and get the clean up done without camera’s and extra people everywhere.

      • gitwizard says:

        Well I guess that’s a good idea to close the towns off from TV crews but you would have thought that helicopters could give an aerial view without getting in the way.
        Have just heard on the BBC World Service that there are now bush fires North of Perth with unconfirmed reports of two primary schools having been burnt down.

  5. magsx2 says:

    Hi gitwizard,
    Yes there are a few aerial shots around, but they wanted to get the stories of those that were in their homes, or at least that’s what was said in the paper.
    Yes there are brushfires in Perth happening at the moment, I haven’t heard what is actually happening over there as I have been out most of the day.

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