Cyclone Yasi The Big Clean Up.

The military is moving in to assist in the clean-up after Cyclone Yasi, with 500 troops already in place and a further 3500 ready to go.
The rugby ground at the cyclone-ravaged town of Tully has been transformed into an impromptu military base, with a communications centre, tents littering the surrounds and soldiers sleeping in the stands.

The clean-up got into top gear yesterday, with the Bruce Highway reopened to traffic and carrying convoys of refrigerated trucks and semi-trailers hauling prefabricated steel and other building materials. But 60,000 homes across north Queensland were still without power last night, and residents of the hardest-hit areas around Tully, Innisfail and Cardwell were warned that it could be two months before they regain power. The Australian.

Almost three-quarters of Queensland is now a disaster zone after Cyclone Yasi compounded the damage left by recent widespread flooding.
In some cases, the cyclone decimated roads and buildings already under repair from the January floods, wiping out weeks of costly work.

With so much of the state in disarray, the Local Government Association of Queensland fears material shortages will hobble recovery efforts. Courier Mail. Also a video in this article.

The big clean up begins after Cyclone Yasi, it will take a long time to get everything going again, especially for those poor people who caught the full force of Yasi, people’s homes have to be rebuilt, businesses have to be rebuilt and restocked before people can start to get back to work. Some businesses may not reopen, just like the floods, if the insurance doesn’t come through they just can’t afford to start from scratch especially the smaller businesses.

Like every other disaster the looters have also started in North Queensland, taking life jackets, diving equipment, what ever they can get their hands on. Personally I feel there needs to be tougher penalties for these people, as it just seems to keep on happening, this type of thing has to be stopped.

Queensland’s Premier Anna Bligh of course toured the devastated areas, I wonder what she was thinking as she went around these areas, I assume mainly how much all this is going to cost to fix. Power lines down everywhere, roads torn apart, and the list goes on. Queensland is the only State in Australia that doesn’t have Insurance, yes that’s right the Queensland Government didn’t think it was worth the cost to insure the States infrastructure. The cost of that insurance would have been around $100 Million Dollars a year, now she and her Government are looking at Billions of dollars worth of damage which  everyone in Australia looks like paying, total incompetence. Queensland always gets droughts, floods, cyclones, it’s part and parcel of living in Queensland so much so that we have seasons dedicated to these things, just like now it is cyclone season, and will be for at least another month, why on earth would you not have insurance to cover damage?

A lot of people are saying how lucky it was that there wasn’t more damage. I think a lot will find after each cyclone that hits, when people and business rebuild, those buildings are built to a totally different standard, and most will withstand a severe storm or another cyclone. The force of Yasi was tremendous, and those that got the full force of the storm was always going to get a lot more damage, but Queensland will rebuild, and the state will be better than what it was before.

Before and After photo’s in the Courier Mail.

More pictures in The Australian picture gallery.

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A fellow blogger Malc50 was caught in Cyclone Yasi and he has his story on his blog, he was in Townsville and I think it is well worth paying a visit and having a read.

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4 Responses to Cyclone Yasi The Big Clean Up.

  1. gitwizard says:

    Good work by your military forces in that clean-up. But it looks like the state and indeed the country as a whole will be paying for repair bills for years to come. Also interesting to hear in The Australian about all the backpackers having to move on because the crops they were working on have been destroyed, a lot of students from the UK spend their gap years touring in Australia.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi gitwizard,
      Yes our military always does fabulous work when a disaster hits. We would certainly be lost without them.
      Total devastation on all crops up in North Queensland that was in the path of the cyclone, and there were a lot of backpackers that were in evacuation centers throughout the different areas. This is were most of the backpackers come to do fruit picking etc. from all over the world, I feel it is also sad for them as well, as a lot use that money to move on to the next place on their list.

  2. Selma says:

    The looters make me so angry. They really are the lowest of the low. How can people do that? I really don’t understand it.

    I feel quite drained after recent events in Queensland. I cannot imagine how you and everyone who actually lives there must be feeling. I hope you all get some respite from the awful weather conditions soon.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Selma,
      I also will never understand this side of a disaster, yet there is always some people out there that have to go looting, why is the big question. Would these people still go looting if the penalties were higher? We will never know unless the powers that be put in some sort of deterrent. They catch these looters, but we never hear what happens to them, more than likely a slap on the wrist I should imagine.

      We have about another month left in our cyclone season, after that we should get a break, lets hope when the next cyclone forms it turns and misses us here in Queensland, and of course Perth. Perth was very lucky, the cyclone that was heading towards them turned and headed back out to sea.

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