Amazing Sea Creatures – North Sulawesi (Video)

Absolutely beautiful underwater photography by Darek Sepiolo
who was kind enough to give me permission to embed the video on my blog.

North Sulawesi is a province of Indonesia.
Google Map.

Short clip from North Sulawesi. Diving reefs of Bunaken and critters in Lembeh.
Shot with Sony EX1 and nanoFlash.  Darek Sepiolo.

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11 Responses to Amazing Sea Creatures – North Sulawesi (Video)

  1. malc50 says:

    Thanks Mags. Good to see Nemo the clownfish again, with a lot of new friends. I was intrigued by the fish which appeared to have front legs as they moved across the sea floor. Cheers.

  2. travelrat says:

    This is superb!

    I’d like to know more about his techniques, because the pictures I took on the Barrier Reef from the semi-sub and the glass-bottomed boat all came out with a bluish cast … except when we got really close, like in

    I suspect that flash would only reflect off the windows … maybe I should choose a vessel with an external searchlight, or something.

    And, don’t suggest diving; I couldn’t afford the kind of camera that these guys use! 😀

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      Still very nice pictures you took. I think it’s always hard taking photo’s through glass so I thought you did a wonderful job. I have used a flash through glass, and I got a very bright light back at me, so it didn’t work all that well at all. I think you would need very expensive equipment to be able to take those type of photo’s. 😕

      Wouldn’t we all love to have an underwater camera, I think they are fantastic.

      • travelrat says:

        I disabled the flash, because there was enough light to take pictures without it. And, someone told me you can buy a transparent waterproof plastic case into which you can put an inexpensive digital compact, which gives satisfactory results.

        I keep meaning to enquire about them next time I pass Jessop’s … but keep forgetting!

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