New Zealand Earthquake Update (Pictures/Video)

They are expecting The Grand Chancellor Hotel to collapse at anytime, apparently it is leaning very heavily to the left, a lot of buildings have been deemed not safe. I heard on the news that New Zealand has already had over 60 aftershocks since yesterday, most very small, but because of damage already done, some buildings just cannot handle even a small bit of shaking. They think there are around 80 people still in the Canterbury CTV building, but they are sure that there are no more survivors, there is smoke coming out of the building as well, the Canterbury was flattened during the earthquake.

Grand Chancellor Hotel                            Canterbury CTV building

About 300 Australian Federal Police, NSW Police and Victorian Police are likely to deploy to Christchurch on Friday, DFAT said.

Australia has also deployed 70 Urban Search and Rescue personnel from NSW and 70 from Queensland, plus an Australian Medical Assistance Team of 25 and four social workers.
The NSW Police Force is preparing to send up to 200 officers as part of the wider Australian contingent. The Daily Telegraph.

Amputation by hacksaw helps save man. The Daily Telegraph.

International rescue teams sent to Christchurch. Herald Sun.

It seems that the Los Angeles County Fire Department is also going to New Zealand to assist in rescue operations, there is a picture of the guys getting ready to go, in
The Daily Telegraph picture gallery, there is certainly no shortage of help for the people of New Zealand it is wonderful how everyone has pulled their resources together to help out.

Live updates from Google Crisis Response. (Included Video’s)

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New Zealand Earthquake (Pictures/Video’s)

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