Prison Hotels, Would you stay in One? (Video Included)

There has been a few prisons that have been turned into Hotels in all different locations around the world, some actually don’t look too bad, others more or less still look like a prison, were you can stay in an actual cell. Personally I think it would be fun to stay in one of these Hotels, some people may think a Prison Hotel is a bit odd, why pay to stay somewhere where they used to lock up the guilty? Maybe it’s curiosity I suppose. It certainly would be different.

Mount Gambier Jail Backpackers. (Australia)

Entrance – Old Jail Backpackers Flickr by avlxyz

Games Yard – Old Jail Backpackers Flickr by avlxyz
Volleyball and tennis were played here on the weekends and at the end of each day.

Cell 24 – Old Jail Backpackers Flickr by avlxyz

Sultanahmet Jail (Turkey)

Built in 1918/1919, it was the first jailhouse in the capital of the Ottoman Empire, constructed in a contemporary concept considering the regulation of the daily life and relationship with the outside of inmates, who were awaiting trial or serving brief sentences. The building was designed in Turkish neoclassical style in the beginning of the period called “First National Architecture”. It was built next to the courthouse building, which was constructed in 1845 initially as university.  An inscription in Ottoman language upon the main gate of the building states the name of the facility as the “Capital City Murder Jail”  It is a four-story building with guard towers enclosing a courtyard. Wikipedia.

Langholmen Prison (Sweden)

Långholmen Prison, officially Långholmen Central Prison, was historically one of the biggest prison facilities in Sweden with more than 500 cells, located on the island of Långholmen in Stockholm. It was built in 1874 as the central prison of Sweden, and was in use until 1975. Today the building is being used as a hotel/hostel and museum, as well as to accommodate a folk high school. Part of the prison was demolished in 1982. The prison is also noted for being the location of the last execution in Sweden prior to the abolition of capital punishment. The execution took place in 1910, by guillotine.

The island itself was originally rocky and barren, but in the nineteenth century, the then current prisoners were made to cover the island with mud dredged from the waterways around it. After a few years, the fertile soil had turned the island into a lush garden with a somewhat exotic flora compared to its surroundings, caused by various seeds accidentally brought and spread by the trade and merchant ships from other places and countries that passed by the island. This peculiarity still persists, and today the island is known as a lush oasis. Wikipedia.  Photo Wikipedia via hirotomo

The Herald Sun has a picture gallery of the Best Prison Hotels, well worth a look.

If for some reason YouTube decide to remove this video in the future
you can watch it here.

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9 Responses to Prison Hotels, Would you stay in One? (Video Included)

  1. Ian says:

    Cool, I’d like to give it a go. :mrgreen:

  2. travelrat says:

    Well, there are people who’d pay good money to stay in a simulated PoW camp or a military-style basic training camp, so I suppose ….

    I did once stay at a converted police station, although it was only obvious from the outside … and it was only at breakfast when I was told that my room used to be one of the holding cells that I realised it.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      How interesting an ex POW camp, I didn’t know anything about those, if they had a museum attached it would be a very interesting place to stay, just to learn the History.
      “room used to be one of the holding cells” it is a shame I feel, that they didn’t have some sort of documentation in the room explaining the History, this I feel would be great, a lot of people would really like to know about places like that I’m sure.

      • travelrat says:

        We used to liken Butlin’s Holiday Camps to ‘Stalags’ … the expression ‘Butlitz’ was sometimes used:

        ‘For you, ze vor is over! Zere vill be no escaping! Anyvun attempting to escape vill be shot!’

  3. I think a lot of people like them. In America, there are 2.4 million staying for free in a jail or prison cell on any given day….many on a return trip.

    In all seriousness…I Loved the article…linked to it on my facebook page!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Johnny Exchange,
      You are so right, there are obviously a lot of people that like staying in them. I didn’t even think about that side of it at all. 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the post enough to put it up on facebook.
      Thank You for visiting and your comment.

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