Golf (Weekend Jokes)

Equal privileges

A country club didn’t allow women on the golf course. Eventually, there was enough pressure that they decided to allow women on the course during the week.
The ladies were satisfied with this arrangement, formed a women’s club, and became active. After about 6 months, the club board received a letter from the women’s club complaining about the men urinating on the golf course. Naturally, they just ignored the matter. After another 6 months, they received another letter reminding them of the previous letter and demanding action. After due deliberation they sent the women a letter advising them that they had been granted equal privileges!

My Son

Three members of a foursome are standing in the fairway waiting for their fourth to hit his ball from 30 yards into the right rough. While waiting, one guy asked another how his son was doing. The fellow replied, “Really great !! You know that he is a car salesman and he sold so many cars last year that the dealership told him he could give a car to anyone he chose, and at no cost.”

“That’s wonderful”, said the first guy. “Sounds like my son, who is a boat salesman. He sold such a high dollar amount of boats that the dealer gave him a 19 foot runabout to give away to anyone he wished.”

The third fellow chimed in, “That’s amazing! My son sells condos for a living and he also did so well last year that the developer told him he could give a 1 bedroom unit to anyone of his choosing.”

About that time, the fourth member gets back to the fairway and joins his buddies. One asks, “John, how is your son doing ??” John replied, “Oh I’d rather not talk about him if you don’t mind. I just found out that my son is gay.” “Oh wow, that’s a shame John”, said the first golfer, “That must be Hell for you to deal with.”

“Well I guess it’s not all bad” said John, “Just last month he received a free car, a free boat, and a free condo !!”

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4 Responses to Golf (Weekend Jokes)

  1. malc50 says:

    🙂 Havagoodweekend Mags.

  2. travelrat says:

    Two men playing golf, got held up by a pair of slow-playing women ahead of them. First man went to ask them if they minded if they played through, but, halfway there, turned around and returned.

    ‘I can’t go there!’ he said ‘That’s my wife, and the other woman is my mistress!’

    The second man said OK, he would go … but he did the same thing.

    ‘Snap!!’ he said!

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