World’s Longest Golf Course – Australia (Video Included)

Yes here in OZ we do have the longest golf course, it is 1,365 kilometres with a hole in each participating town, it is an 18 hole, par 72, even roadhouses participate as well. Each hole has a green (arificial grass) and a tee. It is known as the Nullarbor Links. There is even some records that have been achieved.

Hole 4: Wombat Hole is a monster 520 yard par five

It runs along the Eyre Highway along the southern coast of Australia in two states, Western Australia and South Australia, crossing the Nullarbor Plain at the Great Australian Bight. The Nullarbor Links opened in 2009. Professional golfer Robert Stock from England consulted on the design, 7 holes from existing courses and 11 holes at some roadhouses.

You can click onto each hole in the Nullarbor Links official web site.

Players use a score card that can be bought at Kalgoorlie or Ceduna, after playing a hole the card is then stamped, and when you have finished the course, you get a certificate for playing “The World’s Longest Golf Course”. Oh and if you decide you would like to have a go at this course, please be on the lookout for, snakes, wombats, kangaroos, emus, crows (that will steal your golf ball), and not to forget the dingoes.

See a stack of photo’s on the Nullarbor Links official web site, as well as some more information:- Nullarbor Links
A well written article about the golf course in Mail Online UK. (Nullarbor is spelt wrong in here)
It is also mentioned in Wikipedia.

Stay with the video, there are some funny parts in it as it goes along, hope you enjoy it. (Sorry about the ads)

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11 Responses to World’s Longest Golf Course – Australia (Video Included)

  1. travelrat says:

    Are there any special rules here? Apparently, there are golf courses in Louisiana that allow you a free stroke if your ball lands within 50 yards of an alligator!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      Good one. 🙂
      Well what I do know is that if the crow takes off with the golf ball it is not counted. I don’t know what the rule is if you run into a snake. 😯

  2. travelrat says:

    Trying to place the commentator’s accent. Guessing he originated from Lancashire, but has lived in Australia for a while??

  3. Ron says:

    I wonder how long it takes to actually do the whole course, I noticed in the video that they stayed overnight in a few places.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Ron,
      I had a good look at their official web site, but I didn’t see anything related to the amount of time it took to finished the course. I’m assuming this would be up to the individual, whether you get up early and start playing, or skip a day, I think everyone would have different times on this one.

  4. bingbing says:

    Gotta love that. Only in Australia can you play golf at the risk of being bitten by a snake that could kill a herd of elephants.

  5. Gerry says:

    Someday, Maggie. Someday.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Gerry,
      I had a feeling you would find this interesting, 1,364 km or 849 miles long would certainly be a challenge and a course that I’m sure you could brag about, as well as any animals you may see during the course. 🙂

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