Australian Crocodiles (Video Included)

In Australia there are two types of crocodiles, the freshwater crocodile, (or croc) and the saltwater crocodile known as a “salty”.  The salt water crocodiles are usually a lot bigger, but don’t be fooled, they also are known to spend time in freshwater swamps and rivers, especially in the wet season, or even move way downstream in the dry season, they are not restricted to salt water, but it is only the salty’s that you may see at the beaches in far North Queensland, or the Northern Territory, also Western Australia.

There are a stack of tours in OZ for crocodile watching, and it is not uncommon to see a freshwater crocodile along side a saltwater crocodile. There are even tours, were you can feed the crocodiles in the wild, the boats stop, and you hold up a piece of meat, and the crocodile will actually jump way out of the water and grab the meat, similar to what you have seen dolphins do for fish.
(No Swimming photo:- Wikipedia via NT tourism)


Man fights for his life with a 4m crocodile.(Weipa Queensland)
A Weipa fisherman fought for 40 minutes to free himself from the jaws of a 4m crocodile by holding on to mangroves and punching the monster with his bare fists.
The 28-year-old of Weipa has told how the 4m croc kept rolling “around and around” in the death roll trying to drag him into deeper water. Courier Mail.

Photo’s from Monster Croc Picture Gallery from the Northern Territory News.

Dad wrestles croc. (Weipa Queensland)
A Father of three has told how he fought for his life with a 3m crocodile that dragged him under at a north Queensland waterhole.
Weipa miner Eddie Sigai said he desperately kicked, punched and gouged the crocodile after it latched on to his left hand as he swam with his daughters Jennifer, 17, and Monica, 12, at Beening Creek last Saturday.
“I thought to myself, this is it, I am dead.”  Courier Mail.

 Crocs in the City Picture Gallery from the Northern Territory News.

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12 Responses to Australian Crocodiles (Video Included)

  1. Ron says:

    Always wanted to go on one of those tours where you feed the crocs, haven’t had the chance but a mate of mine got some awesome photo’s of the jumping crocs, ever since I have had it on my list.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Ron,
      It would be great, I have never been on one either, but know people that have, they also have some great pictures, unless you have actually seen photo’s of crocs jumping, a lot of people don’t realize that the crocs can do this, I didn’t until my friends told me about the tour they did, that was a few years back now.

  2. travelrat says:

    Got a picture of a croc jumping when I visited Australia Zoo’s Crocoseum last year; I haven’t got it up im my blog yet, but it’s at

    Wouldn’t like to try it myself, though, unless I was sure the croc knew when the food ended, and my hand started! 😀

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      Very nice photo, they look like they also use some sort of string/rope at the zoo. They are unreal these crocs aren’t they, I know on the boat trips they use long poles with a sort of rope attached, but I reckon the force of the croc grabbing the food would be tremendous, there certainly are some big crocodiles out there. 😯

  3. malc50 says:

    Hi Mags, I lived in Weipa for ten years, and didn’t see a single croc, except on video caught by someone else. Returning from a day’s fishing on the Mission River however, if you shone your torch around after dusk, you would see all these pairs of red eyes staring back at you! Just because you couldn’t see them didn’t mean they were not there! When you live in croc country, you respect them and take care. Unfortunately there were many cases of tourists (we called them terrorists) deliberately wading into streams to be photographed with “beware of crocodiles” signs – they thought they were jokes because they couldn’t see the crocodiles in the murky waters! My daughter had an “awesome” experience fishing with a friend in a tinny near the river bank, when a croc slid off the elevated bank, going over the top of their dinghy, to disappear into the river beyond them.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Mal,
      I know I have read a couple of stories in the news about tourists being grabbed by crocs, I know in one case I remember it was really the fault of the tour guide, apparently he thought the sign was enough of a warning and didn’t actually explain the situation to the group, and one person was dragged in the water by a croc.
      That must of been a frightening moment for your daughter, I realize it may have all happened very fast, but her heart must of been pumping hard and strong after that incident.

  4. bingbing says:

    A little bit of good news, Mags, what with everything in Japan (including its stock market tanking) and the Carbonwealth of Australia; the kids loved the jumping croc vid today.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi bingbing,
      That’s great that the kids enjoyed the jumping crocs, it is something a bit different especially if you haven’t seen anything like that before.

      • bingbing says:

        Indeed. And thanks for the “how big” vid. I blogged it ages ago and now you’ve made it much easier to find next week.

        Out of all those “how big” vids, that one’s the best – love the music.

        Your carbon credits are in the mail! 😉

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