Some Good News out of Japan. (Pictures/Video)

At last some good news story’s from Japan, finding survivors must surely lift the hearts of many, many people. Just watching all that devastation in Japan, unfold over the last few days, not only the earthquake but then following that, the massive tsunami which hit Japan’s coast, and in some places this wall of water was 10m high. To now start to find survivors is a miracle in itself I feel. The force of the water alone would make you think that there is no way anyone could survive something like that.

In a miraculous survival, 60-year-old Hiromitsu Shinkawa was found floating on a piece of roof off Fukushima, two days after the disaster struck. The man, from the city of Minamisoma which has been virtually obliterated, was swept out to sea with his house. (AFP Photo/Japanese Defence Forces)

JAPANESE troops have rescued a 60-year-old man who floated out to sea on the roof of his home when a tsunami engulfed Japan’s coast following the massive earthquake. The Courier Mail.

SAVED: A Japan Self-Defense Force cradles a four-month-old baby girl in Ishinomaki, northern Japan on Monday, three days after a powerful earthquake-triggered tsunami. Picture: AP – The Yomiuri Shimbun, Hiroto Sekiguchi Source: AP

RESCUED from the rubble, she is Japan’s tiniest survivor, a rare ray of hope in a shattered nation.
Cradled by Japanese soldiers, the four-month-old girl was a treasured discovery yesterday as search teams scoured the mud-caked debris in an increasingly desperate hunt for survivors. Courier Mail.

A MELBOURNE couple honeymooning near the centre of Japan’s earthquake narrowly escaped the disaster before surviving a harrowing ordeal in the aftermath of the tragedy.  In emails sent to his father Paul and the Herald Sun, the Chirnside Park man described the couple’s frantic escape from a crumbling restaurant and their desperate bid to flee to safety through a snowstorm.  Herald Sun.

AN Australian teacher who feared she may have been exposed to nuclear radiation in the Japanese earthquake has flown home and into the arms of her frantic parents.  Herald Sun.

Unfortunately we are still getting some bad news mixed in with the good, but I’m sure there would be other story’s of survivors in other papers around the world we can all hope and pray that there will be many, many more stories like the ones above. If you have seen any good news story’s in your paper, I would, and I’m sure other readers would love to see them.

Japan Disaster Day 4. Courier Mail picture gallery.

Before and After Interactive photo’s of Japan. The Daily Telegraph.
Japan in crisis, Interactive page. Herald Sun.

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