Wave Rock:-Australia (Video Included)

The Wave Rock is in Western Australia, it’s not far from a small town called Hyden which is about 340km (212 miles) from Perth.  Google Map.

The Wave Rock is believed to be about 60 million years old, and nature formed the rock this way. It is mainly made up of granite. The wave is about 15m or 50ft high and around 110m or 350ft long. I believe the actual shape of the rock was formed by gradual erosion of the softer rock beneath the top. The different colours that you can see throughout the wave are caused from chemical deposits that the rain has washed down the face of the rock. It is amazing how it looks like they were painted on. The different colours being, a variety of greys, red, yellow and brown. Depending on when you visit the Wave Rock it does seem to change colour throughout the day, especially nearing sunset or as the sun is about to come up.

As you can see by the picture the name is pretty well spot on. It really does look like a wave about to break on land. There are a lot of unusual rock formations around this area, but the Wave Rock is the one most people know about, as the Wave Rock is on some of the more popular tours. I believe more than 100,00 tourists visit the wave rock every year.

Back in 1951 the Public Works Department decided to build a concrete wall about a foot high near the top of the Wave, this is used as a water catchment for the town. There are other such walls throughout Western Australia in and around what is known as the wheatbelt.

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9 Responses to Wave Rock:-Australia (Video Included)

  1. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Fascinating! Sounds like a great place to visit and of extra interest to geologists…

  2. gitwizard says:

    How strange! And now i’ve watched the video, i’m suddenly very hungry.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi gitwizard,
      It’s an amazing rock I agree.

      😆 The big difference is of course you will have to prepare the food yourself, Ahhh the luxury of being waited on, if only. 🙂

      This is the only video that had a least a little bit of information on it about the rock, and it’s more of a tour thing I suppose, but I’m hoping by picking this video it will not disappear from You Tube, I can only hope.

  3. travelrat says:

    I saw this in a book of Australian photos my brother-in-law sent me some time back; I’m surprised that, in spite of receiving 100,000 visitors a year, it isn’t more widely known about.

    It can’t be the remoteness … Uluru is just as remote.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      It does make you wonder, but that is the figure that is in my book that was given to me when I was there a few years ago. I wonder if the people that go there are more Aussies than people from o/seas.

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