Toilet to Cost $453,400:-Australia/Funny/Strange Toilets

The city convenience will be the most expensive toilet in Victoria - possibly the nation. Source: Supplied

Wow just under half a Million Dollars for a toilet, you would think it was made of gold. 😆 But no, just a toilet being built in Flinders street Melbourne which is the Capitol of Victoria here in OZ. It seems this is a single toilet building, the unit made from stainless steel, yep it will only take one person at a time.  It will be put in a place where taxi drivers and rail commuters really need a toilet, but at this cost? Surely they can build a cheaper toilet. There argument is that most of the cost is because of the labour involved connecting to underground services, sounds like the typical rip off of the Governments money, or I should say our money, do they actually get real costings for things like this? I suspect not.
If you would like to read about this story there is an article about it all in the Herald Sun.

We seem to love expensive toilets here in OZ. Late last year in Western Australia they spent $250,000 on a Musical toilet, no kidding, the toilet says “Welcome” and plays a piano version of “What the World Needs Now Is Love”
Read about it here, there is even a picture of the toilet.

Thought I would throw these toilets in for a bit of a laugh. 🙂

This is the Otohime device in the ladies’ toilet in a Toto showroom. The dark field with the hand pictogram is a motion sensor, and when a hand is waved in front of the sensor, a loud flushing sound is heard for 25 seconds to cover any potential sounds of the toilet user. The device stops 25 seconds after the last activation or if the Stop button underneath is pressed. Wikimedia Commons.

Public toilet embedded into the corner of a highway bridge abutment.Wikimedia

Wikimedia Commons.

Wikimedia Commons here and here.

Before anyone asks I have no idea how the above toilet works, I’m hoping someone may be able to explain it all to me. 🙂

This is a wireless toilet control panel for a japanese toilet with 38 (!!!) buttons. The model is a high-end model photographed in a Toto showroom. Normally, many of the buttons are covered with the lid, that is currently in a lowered position, so in normal operation the user has to choose only among 18 different buttons.  for a very basic
1: 大 (ookii, big) causes to a large flush for large size waste (大便, daiben, feces)
2: 小 (chiisai, small) causes a small flush for small size waste (小便. shonben or shouben, urine).
3: Lowers the lid and closes the seat
4: Lowers the seat and raises the lid
5 Raises both the lid and the seat
6: Stops all operations
7: おしり(oshiri, Butt): Washing of the an*s, regular
8: やわらか (yawaraka, tender): Washing of the an*s, soft mode
9: ビデ: (Bide, Bidet): Washing of the vu**a.
10: 乾燥 (kansou, dry): Blow dryer for drying the private parts
11: ムーブ (入/切)(Muubu, Move): Rotates the nozzle sideways back and forth
12: マッサージ (入/切) (Massaji, Massage): Cyclic increase in the nozzle pressure for a massage of the an*s. Button for On/Off. Photo and explaination from Wikimedia Commons.
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10 Responses to Toilet to Cost $453,400:-Australia/Funny/Strange Toilets

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  2. Sue says:

    Half a million dollars for 1 toilet, that’s just beyond it, even I know that you shouldn’t have to pay that sort of money, it’s ridiculous, I would want a building full of toilets for that amount of money.
    Jiffi Stop ❓

  3. EternalForms says:

    This is insane. Or, should I say, it’s a load of … ! I can think of so many better things to spend half a million on … like the salaries of ten teachers for a start.

    News came out yesterday that Texas is laying off hundreds of teachers because we just can’t afford to pay them, but they’re putting in million dollar cafeterias in schools … And, the same day, a news report came out saying that the US has spent $600M in a week to bomb Libya. What is the world coming to?

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi EternalForms,
      It seems no matter which country you live in the powers that be don’t think logically. It doesn’t make any sense to me either, to spend heaps of money on things that matter less, or to spend half a million dollars on 1 toilet.

      I think, and I’m sure most people think Teachers are very important, surely if the cafeterias in the schools are that bad, and they properly aren’t, they can clean them up, whack some new paint around the place, and I’m sure they would look great. What’s more important, making sure the kids get a good education or feeding the kids in a million dollar enviroment.
      “What’s the world coming to?” I have no idea, but as the years pass, it certainly seems to be getting worse.

  4. Barbara Rodgers says:

    One night a little over a year ago our toilet tank cracked and water came spraying out of it. Unable at first to figure out what the noise was the sound finally led us to the bathroom where husband managed to turned off the pipe. We had never bought a new toilet before – what an eye-opening experience shopping for one was. Of course we opted for a water saving model. Now we use more water to wash our hands than we use to flush the toilet! And to think, we’re not that far away from outhouses and chamber pots!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi barbara,
      I know what you mean, you don’t realize all the new things that are on the market until you have to actually replace something, it can be a real eye opener. I can still remember the old outhouses, we had one when I was a kid, no sewage or septic around. I remember when Mum and Dad were able to get a flushing toilet, it was a novelty. 🙂

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  6. aFrankAngle says:

    This seems to be a low-end model. Is there a Cadillac version? How large would the bathroom have to be with this toilet, the machine creating toilet paper from shredded office paper, and a urinal with a video game?

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