The Aurora (Timelapse Video Included)

An aurora is a natural light display in the sky, caused by the collision of charged particles directed by the Earth’s magnetic field.

Aurora borealis (or the Northern lights) is in the northern latitudes.
Aurora Australis (or the southern lights) has similar properties, and is visible in southern latitudes.

The aurora borealis above Bear Lake. Wikipedia.

There is a colour differential with altitude, at a high altitude oxygen red dominates, then oxygen green and nitrogen blue/red. Green is the most common of all auroras. Behind it is pink, a mixture of light green and red, followed by pure red, yellow, and lastly pure blue. For more great photo’s and more information:- Wikipedia

 Terje Sorgjerd took 22,000 photo’s to create this fantastic timelapse video.
Learn more from Discovery News.

I spent a week capturing one of the biggest aurora borealis shows in recent years.
Shot in and around Kirkenes and Pas National Park bordering Russia, at 70 degree north and 30 degrees east. Temperatures around -25 Celsius. Good fun. Terje Sorgjerd

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7 Responses to The Aurora (Timelapse Video Included)

  1. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Oh, incredible. Oh, my. What a world. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Gorgeous. And so peaceful to watch this morning.

  3. travelrat says:

    Now, that is a really nice video, and he’s picked exactly the right music to go with it.

    I’d like to see displays like that … I think I saw something near Inverness some years ago, but it only lasted a few seconds; nobody else saw it, and I think my colleagues thought I was imagining things.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      Isn’t it terrible when you know you saw something, but it was that fleeting that no one saw it. I know how you felt, I heard something it was the middle of the night, a very strange noise, I woke up Hubby, he got up, listened for a good 5 minutes nothing, never to be heard again. These things are meant to try us I’m sure. 🙂
      I agree it is a fantastic video.

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