Let Me Keep My Kangaroo (America)

This story is about a Lady in America who has a Kangaroo as a pet. Now that most likely sounds a bit strange, even stranger more likely to people that live in Australia, because here in OZ you must have a special permit to have a Kangaroo as a pet. It might surprise some Aussies that you can actually buy a kangaroo as a pet in America, I didn’t know this either, But read on and all will become clear.

Loved pet … Christie Carr with Irwin, the disabled kangaroo / Pic: Christie Carr Source: The Daily Telegraph

She called the kangaroo Irwin, named after Steve Irwin. Irwin is a red kangaroo, and as you see by the photos, she dresses him up in all sorts of gear, Irwin also goes with her where ever she goes, and she never leaves him alone.
Now when this story first hit the newspapers, a few people here in OZ was up in arms, so much so that the Daily Telegraph decided to do a live blog with the Lady in America, so people could ask questions, and get some answers, this is when I learned you could buy a kangaroo as a pet, she mentioned it in the live feed.

It really is a beautiful story, Irwin had a bad accident in a wildlife sanctuary about a year ago, and was completely paralysed. If it wasn’t for this Lady, this kangaroo may never have survived. However it seems the city council in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is not happy with the situation, and decided that she would not be allowed to keep him. So she is fighting to keep Irwin.
You can read about this wonderful story in The Telegraph .com.au, also if you have the time, click onto the replay of the blog, and you can read the answers to a lot of questions some Aussies were asking, you will find it all very interesting.

See more photos of Irwin the Red Kangaroo in The Daily Telegraph Picture Gallery.

I held back putting this story in my blog, hoping there would be a follow up to know what happened, I’m glad I did, as there was a follow up story.

It seems the council may have had a change of heart (or was it because of the publicity?) they decided she can keep the kangaroo if she takes out a $50,000 insurance policy, and when out on the streets, the kangaroo must be in a cage or in restraints. Also a large fee to be paid every year. A long list of things that really do seem unrealistic, it also seems that because of some stupid comments people here in OZ made (I believe these types of people are in every country) about her dressing up the kangaroo etc. the council seems to have gone overboard. The main reason for putting cloths on the kangaroo was to help keep the brace in place that he has to wear because of his paralysis, which was also mentioned in the life feed.
Read the full story in The Telegrpah.com.au.

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20 Responses to Let Me Keep My Kangaroo (America)

  1. Sue says:

    What an incredible story, I totally missed this in the paper. Good on her for taking in this poor disabled kangaroo, not many people would of been bothered, especially with all the care that it needs.
    I found the live blog very interesting, it seems that she is also paying for special therapy for the kangaroo to try and help it as much as possible, being an animal lover I think this women should be commended, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It also seems that some Australians some have done more harm than good. People should always make sure they have all the information, in this case I feel they didn’t or they didn’t bother trying to find out the full story. (Sorry about the long comment) 🙂

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Sue,
      It is an incredible story, I agree, not too many people would of taken on the responsibility of looking after a disabled animal, and she did say in response to a question in the live blog that he actually took a couple of hops at one stage, so whatever the Lady is doing it seems to be helping a lot.

  2. dearrosie says:

    Good gracious what an incredibly kind thing to do to care for a paralyzed animal!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi dearrosie,
      It would be a huge responsibility I feel, and I think the local council that is involved in all of this really needs to check things out for themselves.
      Thank You for visiting and your comment.

  3. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I love this woman and her amazingly compassionate gesture. Good for her. What a heartwarming story – except the part about the mean people. Gee whiz, why are people so hardhearted? Why did they even have to get involved?

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi SDS,
      I wonder about that myself. Some people just can’t help themselves, in this case they certainly didn’t look into things before they started complaining. This Lady should get all the support that is available to her, it is wrong I feel that she is going through so much with her local council.

  4. souldipper says:

    May she be left alone – “to do what the angels would do”. It’s obvious she knows how to do that!

  5. travelrat says:

    It looks like a lot of people went off at half-cock here, and I have to admit I was pretty angry UNTIL I read the whole story.

    But, I am wondering why all the checks and balances? Surely, all they have to do is send someone round to make sure she has the appropriate facilities to care for Irwin, and realises how big ‘reds’ can grow.

    Why, for instance, must it be kept in a cage or on a lead in public? It’s ne danger to anyone, especially if partly paralysed.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      It’s just ridiculous what the council is asking for and in this situation pretty impossible I would say, as it would need to be a pretty big cage just allowing for the tail, it’s beyond ridiculous. She was saying in the live blog, that she was told by the specialist the kangaroo wouldn’t get any bigger because of the injuries it has suffered, so even though the red is the largest of the roos, this one will never be anything like a normal size red.

  6. Starry says:

    I only wish she didn’t dress him up in that top picture…. that’s my limit! And I hope she won’t take him out ‘in restraints’ that doesn’t sound too nice (darn councils)

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Starry,
      It’s very nice to hear from you again.
      Councils must be the same all over the world, they sit in their offices and wouldn’t have a clue about what is happening outside the window, it beggars belief.

  7. Michele says:

    Thank you for a very one-sided view. You appear to have taken everything this woman has said as truth. “because of some stupid comments people here in OZ made” For your information a number of people I know have tried very hard to assist this woman in treating the roo appropriately. Did you know what she feeds him? Did she state the junk food that is in his diet? Something she has openly admitted. I have spent some 30 years raring orphaned kangaroos and wallabies for release. I have considerable knowledge about their care. And this roo is not being cared for correctly. Did Ms Carr mention that the roo broke his leg while in her care? And how can you believe for one minute the clothes, including shirt, tie and suit are actually required!
    I believe Ms Carr cares very much in her own way for this animal. However she is neither open to any persons genuine help or criticism.
    And the council are right in some respects. The red kangaroos being bred as pets could very much injury people as well you must know.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Michele,
      I appreciate you giving your input on this discussion. You may be right, I may have a one sided view, but I am an animal lover and have been all my life, before I came to any conclusions, I read everything there is to read (that I could find) on Irwin, and this poor kangaroo has been through a lot. Did you know that he wouldn’t eat or drink anything after his accident?

      Yes I believe there has been some stupid comments made from some people here in OZ, and they were made directly to the council concerned, which in turn has made the council come to the conclusion that Irwin must be in a cage or be kept in restraints, sounds like a few people may have gone overboard with some facts. People may have only been concerned about the roo, but did they get all the information they could before contacting the council ? Not one of those people who were all from Australia or the Council bothered to even check if putting the kangaroo in a cage or restraints was the way to go. I certainly hope all those people are happy with the outcome of the council’s decision. I also believe there was some pretty nasty things being said on facebook, which the council read, I don’t have a facebook account, but from what some friends have told me, I would not repeat in this blog, again nobody even bothered to try to find out the real facts.

      From the replay of “live blog.”

      Q. What do you say to people who show concern about Irwin’s bad diet?

      A. That is discussed constantly, after a photo of Irwin with bagels and doughnuts was on Facebook, I did not own him at that time and it was before his accident.

      At first when he was injured he did not want to eat or drink anything. All he drinks now is water. He did start eating pasta noodles and the kangaroo breeder told me to give him that.
      Q. But you do feed him cheezels and popcorn….

      A. When I became his legal owner I raised this issue too and we have worked on his diet and he still does get 3-4 treats like a cup of natural popcorn but that is it. He also eats kangaroo chow – which I did not even know existed. It is made by Mazuri and formulated for roos and wallabies here. Thats what he eats everyday. The treats are very minimal. For brekkie he gets a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat with bone meal mixed in to it for calcium reasons, as we can’t get him to eat it any other way. For lunch, he gets raw veggies, mixed green salad, strawberries, blueberries, diced apple, grasses and hay.

      There is a lot more, please click onto the first link of “The Telegraph.com.au” in the blog, you will see the replay of the “live blog” at the bottom of the page, have a read, there are questions in there also asked by a wildlife rehabilitator and answered.

      Thank You for visiting and your comment.

  8. Jill says:

    I think this Lady has done the right thing taking in the kangaroo. The people that complained seem to have put the fear of God into the council about the red kangaroo, and yes red kangaroos can be very vicious, but this one is not your typical red.

    I am worried that the people who complained may have condemned this poor roo to a life of hell, a cage or restraints, did people even think what the consequences would be for this paralyzed animal before they complained it seems not.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Jill,
      It is a worry what the council are asking for, I’m hoping that there will be an update on the story to see what happened in the end.

  9. Laura says:

    I am dismayed at the comments on this page. The biggest issue here is not that Irwin will harm anyone or whether Christie Carr loves him or not: its about the kangaroo’s quality of life. Kangaroos are not domestic animals, despite the fact that they are being sold as pets in the US (which astounds me). They are wild animals that have different needs and wants to dogs or cats or human children. Ms Carr is doing a wonderful thing by caring for this animal, but it does not appear that she has skills or knowledge to care for him properly. Dressing him in clothes, passing him around at nursing homes and strapping him into a car seat are not in his best interests, even if doing so looks cute and helps people to feel comforted. He is a kangaroo, not a service dog. While it is evident that Ms Carr loves Irwin, she should seek some education and training so that she can care for him in the best way possible.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Laura,
      The idea of Irwin harming someone was only said by the council after a lot of complaints from some Australians. Before that it was not an issue at all, I find it hard to believe that a paralysed kangaroo could harm anyone that was the conclusion council made.

      Yes it was also a surprise to me to find out that kangaroos are sold as pets. If you had read everything about what Ms. Carr has done, you will know that she does have help from a vet, as well as a kangaroo breeder. The kangaroo is paralysed from his accident at the centre, that was when Ms. Carr decided to take him and care for him as the centre was closing.

      Since Ms. Carr has had him, between herself and the people that are helping her, they have managed to get the kangaroo to do a couple of hops, which is at least progress, I haven’t heard any more since then, so I don’t know if it was possible to get any further with this.

      Thank You for visiting, and your comment.

  10. Anyluckypeny says:

    This is so cute! I love kangaroo’s! I just saw your title and pictures right now and I already like it! I’m happy he survived 🙂 Animal stories are always so sweet!

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