Daredevil Rides Motorcycle off Andes Mountain (Video)

Andes Mountains, Chile – (Reuters) -Chilean base-jumper Julio Munoz soared off a massive cliff in the Andes mountains on his motorbike, free-falling some 3000 feet before opening his parachute.

A helicopter flew equipment — including a ramp, Munoz’s motorbike, and camera crews — into the dramatic, remote setting deep in the Chilean Andes.

A crew perched the ramp over a towering cliff some 3300-feet tall, which Munoz hit at full speed, pushing his bike away from him and going into a freefall before opening his chute.

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6 Responses to Daredevil Rides Motorcycle off Andes Mountain (Video)

  1. Margie says:

    “The bike ended up smash-ed to pieces” – yes, I guess it would!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Margie,
      You have to laugh at the way some news presenters speak before they think. I doubt if there would be anyone that would not have known the bike would be smashed to pieces. 😆

  2. travelrat says:

    Somebody been watching too many James Bond movies?

    Strikes me as being somewhat irresponsible … was he CERTAIN the bike wasn’t going to land on something or somebody?

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      Haven’t watched a James Bond movie for ages. 🙂 I just can’t see much sense in doing something like this, but realize there are a lot of people out there that love doing these sort of stunts, must really get the adrenaline pumping. I’m assuming that they sort of worked out where the bike was going to break up before the stunt, the people that would of been at the bottom waiting for the guy to land surely would of been well away from the area.

  3. gitwizard says:

    Wow! Amazing video!
    I once did something like this in a disused quarry, but only fell about 15 foot – and the bike landed on me and broke my leg!

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