152 Facebook Tattoos on an Arm:- Fake (Video)

Believe it or not, this Lady has 152 Facebook friends tattooed down her arm. Why you would even want to do this is way beyond me I’m afraid. This Lady from the Netherlands, likes to take her Facebook friends with her wherever she goes. The woman who uses the name ‘Suzyj87’ posted: ‘After months of work I want to show you all my social Tattoo. Pretty amazing right? I’m really proud of it. Hope you like it too!’

Suzyj87 said it took months to get all the tattoos finished, she even decided to show everyone how it was done on YouTube. But regardless of what she posted on Facebook, it turns out these “tattoos” are indeed fake, good on all the people who picked up on this from the start.

However, Rotterdam-based tattoo artist Dex Moelker confessed to the Dutch-language Telegraaf on Wednesday that the tattoo was actually temporary, not permanent. Read about it in the Courier Mail.

For some people who can’t watch this video because of music copyright watch it here.

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10 Responses to 152 Facebook Tattoos on an Arm:- Fake (Video)

  1. Rebekah says:

    Phew! At least they were temporary … otherwise she would have been a real nut job!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Rebakah,
      It was first reported as it being a fact that she actually had this done, a lot of people commenting said that it didn’t look right, and it really did look fake, and a few days later sure enough they turned out to be right, at least there was a journalist that followed up on the story, so few do these days, but still it must of cost a fair bit to have this done, I’ll never understand it I’m afraid.

  2. travelrat says:

    Full marks to the journo … I’d have just said ‘Stupid cow!’ and forgotten about it.

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  4. I fell for it at first. There are some seriously crazy people out there!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi She’s a Maineiac,
      You are so right there certainly are a lot of crazy’s, every time I read a paper it just seems to be getting worse.

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  6. Kyo says:

    Actually as a tattoo it looked pretty damn cool, though the idea of people you only know on facebook being tattooed on you for all time is crazy. BUT… If it was family, really close friends and hero’s. I’d have to say it was pretty damn cool. It would take a damn good artist to get in all that detail in such small spaces though. 🙂

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Kyo,
      I agree it would take someone with a lot of talent to be able to work in those small spaces, a lot involved in just doing one, but to do hundreds….. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

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