A Special Birth-Twin Joeys one White:- Australia (Picture)

We are very lucky here in OZ to have a twin birth that is very rare indeed. The joeys (baby wallabys) were born one grey (standard) and one white (albino), the white of course is rare, there are not a lot of these around, but to have twins born of different colours is a sight to behold.

Source: The Telegraph.

There is a small article about the birth in The Telegraph.

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23 Responses to A Special Birth-Twin Joeys one White:- Australia (Picture)

  1. They are so cute!!! And sooooo small!

  2. This is remarkable. And lucky that it could be photographed – had they been born in the wild, the world would have missed this fabulous duo. Holding hands is the best!!

  3. souldipper says:

    Sheer delight, Mags – and yes, the hand holding is enough to melt mountains. 🙂

  4. Rebekah says:

    Cuteness beyond words! The holding hands, is just the frosting on the cake! Wonderful…!!!

  5. Selma says:

    Oh, look at how cute they are. Awww. I’ve never seen a white joey before. How unusual.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Selma,
      There are some white wallaby’s around although very rare, they have been born in different parts of the world in zoo’s. I found this video that I thought you may like, it’s a white wallaby that was born in Cyprus.
      The video is dated 2009 and states there are only 4 white wallaby’s in the world, but that is not correct, they are rare but not that rare. Regardless I thought it was a very nice video of the wallaby’s.

  6. Selma says:

    Thanks for finding that video, Mags. If I ever need to find a video on something I am asking you. You are a researcher extraordinaire. That little white wallaby is adorable. Awwww.

  7. travelrat says:

    If they were born in the wild, the albino probably wouldn’t last long, because of its conspicuity to predators, and the fact it probably doesn’t see too well by day.

    And, our old biology teacher used to INSIST that marsupials couldn’t have twins, because they couldn’t deal with more than one in the pouch … guess even teachers are wrong, sometimes!

    Cute, though …

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      You are spot on about the albino not being able to survive long in the wild. although I have read of people seeing them in the bush, but of course you don’t know how old they were. Personally I have only seen the white ones in a zoo.
      I tried to find out how many twins have been born to either wallaby’s or kangaroo’s, but no such luck, I couldn’t find what I was looking for, all it said in the paper was it is a very rare event but no other information. But yes it does seem that your teacher was definitely wrong.

      • travelrat says:

        To be fair, if old Dickie was ever proved wrong, he’d be the first to admit it … very rare among teachers in those days!

  8. Red Nomad OZ says:

    I was wondering about the survival rate of a) twins and b) albinos! We had a sheep who had triplets and one was a total runt because it kept getting crowded out away from the udder (ie one on each side of the ewe – nowhere for the 3rd to go). I thought the wallaby only had one teat? Or is that a myth too??!!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Red Nomad OZ,
      I would assume that any twins that were born to a wallaby or kangaroo in the wild the survival rate would not be good. They do have 4 teats in the pouch, there really isn’t enough room as far as I know for the pouch to expand enough to accommodate more than 1 joey.
      I found this article you may like to have a look at with pictures inside a wallaby pouch. Just scroll down a bit on the page.

      When the strong survive and baby reaches the pouch, it locates one of four nipples located in Mum’s pouch and attaches itself.

  9. Barbara Rodgers says:

    What a sweet set of twins – imagine having someone by your side right from birth to share your life with! Someone to hold hands with when everyone is taking pictures of you!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Barbara,
      It seems they are definitely giving comfort to each other, perhaps they will always stay together as best of friends, they will certainly have a good life at the zoo.

  10. dearrosie says:

    Fantastic photo! It’s as if the albino twin knows its not as healthy or as strong as it’s twin so it’s holding on for support. Love these little stories you share with us Mags.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi dearrosie,
      The photographer couldn’t of picked a better time to take the photo. Yes I agree the white joey looks a bit smaller than the grey, but he will survive, they were born in the zoo, so no doubt will get the best of care.
      Thank You I’m glad you like the different story’s.

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