$50,000 of Jewellery Thrown Away

How would you like to be this guy? He accidently threw away $50,000 of his wife’s jewellery in the rubbish bin. To make matters even worse, it was just before they were going to celebrate their 23rd Wedding Anniversary. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in that household. 🙂 There would have been mass panic, to make matters worse; there were also some family heirlooms amongst the gold as well. This all happened in a nice place called Caloundra, which is part of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland here in Australia.

A few things happened (which you can read about in the news story) that made this guy think they might get robbed, so all the jewellery and gold bars were split into 3 garbage bags, on the assumption that robbers would not pick up these type of bags. During a big clean up as you may of guessed by now, the bags were thrown out with the rest of the rubbish, and before he realized what he had done, the garbage trucks had already picked up the rubbish and took it to the dump. 😯

“Caloundra landfill receives approximately 1400 tonnes of waste per week – the equivalent of over half the volume of water in an Olympic swimming pool,” said a council spokesman.
“To locate the lost items, this decaying compacted waste would need to be systematically excavated and sorted mechanically by the contractor.
“While council sympathises with the owners . . . unfortunately any attempts to search for the lost items would be extremely difficult, and would pose serious safety risks.”

Geoffrey said the majority of the gold was bought as an investment while the couple lived in the UK more than 25 years ago. Read the full story in the Courier Mail

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16 Responses to $50,000 of Jewellery Thrown Away

  1. Rebekah says:

    Stories like this always make me wonder …. how do they move on?! Lost lotto tickets and this here above … I know much worse things can happen in a person’s life, but this is so stupid.. and he must blame himself so much!!! I don’t know — it’s unimaginable.

    I do know how it felt when I thought I’d won 1 million Sw. Crowns — which would have changed my life radically. That lasted about two hours, until I found out they’d made a typo in the newspaper.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Rebekah,
      I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if I done something like this. I wonder how or if they ended up celebrating their wedding anniversary?

      How devastating to think you had won, only to find out you didn’t, 2hrs can be a long time for something like that, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must of been like to find out that you didn’t win.

  2. Val says:

    Well, it’s okay. It’ll give archeologists in the future something to wonder about!

  3. Selma says:

    Let’s just say that this guy isn’t going to be getting ‘any’ for a very long time. And I don’t mean a new gold watch. HAHAHA.

  4. souldipper says:

    Oh boy…some days I’m just so satisfied to be me!

  5. travelrat says:

    What’s the betting that, when the dump is closed, danger or no danger, there are crowds of people with metal detectors around it?

  6. Red Nomad OZ says:

    Surely they could have a go with a metal detector?? The council MUST be able to identify the approximate area waste from that region was dumped in … But I’m also thinking if you have to keep your jewellry in garbage bags, maybe you weren’t getting that much enjoyment from it anyway …

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Red Nomad OZ,
      I just realized the link went nowhere, sorry link is now fixed. The reason the gold was in the garbage bags was the GPS was stolen out of the truck, and they were worried they would get robbed at home. So he put the jewelry in plastic bags. They are about to move house, and the kids were helping, and he asked them to grab whatever rubbish was left in the house so he could throw it out.

      His wife rang and asked where her jewelry was as she wanted to wear something, and that is when they discovered it was thrown out. His mates keep having a go at him and keep ringing him up and telling him the price of gold has gone up again. 🙂

  7. bronxboy55 says:

    When our town started adding deposits to beverage containers, we had to collect them in blue bags and take them to a refund center. Not yet used to the new routine, I inadvertently put the first bag we filled out in the driveway with the non-refund recycling, and it got snatched by someone driving by. It was probably about ten dollars’ worth of bottles and cans, and I’ve never heard the end of it from my family. I feel a lot better now. Thanks, Mags!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi bronxboy55,
      Easy enough done, at least it was only $10, if anyone brings the incident up again you can now tell them about this poor guy, they may never bring it up again. 😀

  8. dearrosie says:

    What’s the lesson to be learned here? DO NOT under any circumstances put your valuables in trash bags.

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