World’s First Ski-Base of The Matterhorn. (Video)

Matthias Giraud is The First person In The World to Ski-Base the Matterhorn. Captured by several GoPros and other Cameras, he’s jump come very close to ending in disaster when his ski hits a rock and he is forced to throw a giant front flip off the peak to avoid death.

The Matterhorn
Elevation: 14,692 feet (4,478 meters)
Location: Valais Alps. Also called Penninie Alps. Border of Switzerland and Italy.

How scary that would of been for him, when he lost his ski, he is very lucky to be able to tell the story. It is pointed out in the video.

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8 Responses to World’s First Ski-Base of The Matterhorn. (Video)

  1. travelrat says:

    Lovely scenery; damnfool stunt!

    And, I really don’t like to see someone ascend the Matterhorn by helicopter.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      I agree it seemed to be a foolish thing to do, I suppose because no body had done it before, I think is how it usually goes, but it nearly ended in disaster.

  2. kymbo says:

    ..and if he’d killed himself we’d have heard all the tales about how you shouldn’t do this stuff. He was a fool and it was only luck that saved him…this time!

  3. The world needs fearless Type-A personalities to push the envelope. As one of the skiers said in this film, live life to the fullest. I’d say he is doing that, and more. I don’t have a particular problem with the fact that he took a helicopter to the top of the Matterhorn. The Swiss would never have allowed it had it not been full of restrictions and rules and caveats. And likely there are less than a handful of people who have the ability to accomplish this so copycats need not apply. I think it’s really cool and I wish I had the ability to do this. I’d die of fear in the helicopter, but ……..

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi EOSR,
      He is certainly living life to it’s fullest that is for sure. He has done a lot of different things, but I think this is the first time something actually went wrong for him. But I do admire the things these type of people are able to do, they do seem to be able to achieve a great deal.

  4. Rebekah says:

    My first thought was «Why?», but then again … the above commenter is right — the world needs people like that.

    Either way, the filming and the scenery was stunning!

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