How Not to Back a Car

Just looking at this photo makes you wonder how on earth this happened. Obviously this would take a lot of force to hit a parked car, the parked car rolls and the car that was backing ends up with the back wheels on top of the parked car. I mean surely if you tried to do this you would fail. Sorry guys, but it was a male driving the car. 😀

A driver managed to tip another car while reversing in Williamstown. Photo: Age reader Nick Camov

Tow truck driver David Camov said the 48-year-old driver of the blue Magna, from Newport, said he put his vehicle into reverse and promptly lost control. Read the full story in Drive. There is also a couple of more small photo’s in the article.

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9 Responses to How Not to Back a Car

  1. Kymbo says:

    Oh, it could have happened to anyone. We’ve all done it…right?

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Kymbo,
      It’s unbelievable isn’t it, he must of really planted that foot down. 🙂
      I wondered why you went into the pending box, instead of your comment automatically being publish, you changed your k to K, hence new name.

  2. souldipper says:

    Thank goodness it was a man! Come on, guys, you need a share of the spotlight~

  3. travelrat says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of a V-shaped Renault Clio. Some silly bitch reversed a Range Rover into it, bent it decidedly and pushed it about 10 feet, bursting all the tyres!

    Then, she drove off, apparently quite unaware she’s hit anything!

    BUT … she was seen by security guards in the building opposite, and caught on CCTV … and she STILL denied it, and tried to claim her car was being stolen.

    She cot fined £1500, with costs, and banned for 2 years for driving without due care & attention … the police tried to get her for driving under the influence as well, but that case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

    The good news: It wasn’t my car! It was a courtesy car the garage had lent me while my own was being serviced!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      OMG, she must of really put her foot down for that one, but how lucky for you, that is wasnt’ your car, but a bit embarrasing having to ring the garage and try to explain what had happened.

  4. Rebekah says:

    If I didn’t know, I would have thought it was some kind of joke! It really looks incredible 🙂

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