Jury Duty

Postings may be a bit light over the next few weeks; I have been called up to do Jury Service again in the Supreme Court.  I’ve been called in today, and if not chosen for jury service today, will get called in randomly over the next couple of weeks. So I never actually know if I will be on Jury Service until I get to court. Will blog when I can during this time, and hopefully get some time to read everyone’s blogs.

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24 Responses to Jury Duty

  1. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Good luck with your civil responsibilities! I hope you don’t get assigned to a lengthy trial… Will be here whenever you return!

  2. Margie says:

    That is interesting. I’ve only been called for jury duty once in my life, and I got to decline because I wasn’t actually living in country at the time!

  3. starzyia says:

    too bad you can’t blog about any case you might be called to serve on.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Starry,
      It really takes the fun out of it doesn’t it. 🙂 However I am allowed to talk about the bus trip in and back, but unfortunately nothing exciting happened, maybe today. 😀

  4. E.C. says:

    I hope all goes well and you get to come back blogging soon.

  5. souldipper says:

    What a good citizen you are, Mags. I didn’t know people can be called in more than once. Hmmmm.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi souldipper,

      Here in Australia, you can get called on multiple times. Personally I only know the rules for the state of Queensland, as that is where I live. The only time you are allowed to be exempt from Jury service, is if your employer signs a written letter stating that they cannot do without you (this one gets used all the time) if you are a carer, or in some way sick yourself, or if you have previously been on a jury within 12mths. If none of these apply by law you have to serve. I could have been exempt because I have served within the 12mth period, but I have never said no.

      One of the main reasons I never say no, a lot of people get out of Jury service through their employer. The courts are finding it harder to get people to do Jury Service. There is a good article about this in one of our papers Here. (it is well worth the read) The whole state of Queensland has a population of only 4 and half million people, the Capitol of Queensland which is Brisbane that’s the city I live in only has a population of just over 2 million people, and of course you can only serve if you are an Australian citizen.

      The population may be the difference. I don’t know the population of your Country, but there may be enough people that you only get called upon once.
      You may like to have a read of this if you are interested The Juror’s Handbook
      Or maybe this one Guide for Juror’s. both are PDF but only small.

  6. Selma says:

    Woah. The Supreme court, eh? If you are chosen I hope it’s an interesting case. Will miss you if you’re gone for too long!

  7. westwood says:

    Though it’s not most peoples’ reaction, I’ve always WANTED to do jury duty.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi westwood,
      Where ever you live, you should let them know. I don’t know what country you are from, but here in OZ you can’t actually volunteer, you are picked from the electrol roll, but there is a number I could give you if you are in Queensland.
      Thank You for visiting my blog and commenting.

  8. EternalForms says:

    Wow, the Supreme Court? I’ve only been called in for simple county issues. That sounds interesting, Mags. Good luck!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Eternal Forms,
      Thank You. Even though you say you have only been called for “simple” issues, it would still be interesting, I’m sure. The learning of how the system works, and then the Jury’s deliberations, are always different, so I’m sure no matter the actual case, it is always interesting.

  9. If nothing else, when things get heated in the deliberation room, your fellow jurors can count on you to soothe frazzled nerves with a Weekend Joke or two! 🙂

  10. bronxboy55 says:

    Can you blog about the process in general, without providing specific details? It would be interesting, especially for those of us outside Australia, to learn a little about what goes on.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi bronxboy55,
      I have had a few e-mails asking me this question, it is hard here in OZ with our laws, but I may give it a bit of a go next week, and see what I can come up with.

  11. dearrosie says:

    I’ve only been called twice (in the USA its also a random selection) but both times the case ended before it started. I can only tell you about the boring hours sitting in that dark stuffy room waiting to be called… I think being forced to sit through the process must be highly interesting, especially for a writer and hope, as bronxboy said above, that you could tell us something about the process?

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi dearrosie,
      Yes here too a lot of waiting around, but no dark rooms, and there are plenty of people sitting around with you. As I mentioned to bronxboy55, I may do something next week, and you may be able to compere the difference between what happens here in OZ and your part of the world.

  12. bingbing says:

    Hope it’s a juicy case. A necessary shame we can’t be privy to all the goss!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi bingbing,
      I’m sure there must be millions of story’s out there that a lot of people would love to tell, including myself, and I know they would all be very interesting, but alas, these story’s of what happens in the Jury Room will never be told, it is a shame really, it would be interesting to know what the rules and laws are about this in other countries.

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