Cyclops Shark Found (Pictures)

This baby shark not only had cyclopia, (one eyed) but it was albino as well. Fishermen caught a dusky shark in the Gulf of California, when they cut the shark open it was carrying young, and this strange one eyed baby was amongst those babies. Researchers are saying that if it had of been born it would not of lasted very long, as it had other deformities as well. Its tail was malformed which apparently would have made swimming very difficult. There didn’t seem to be any nostrils, but its gills were normal.


There is a very good article about this shark in National Geographic with more photos.

Also there is a small article about this shark in the Telegraph.

Click on picture to watch a video from the Huffington Post

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20 Responses to Cyclops Shark Found (Pictures)

  1. EternalForms says:

    That is amazing and freaky! My first thought was that radiation from Japan was carried along the jet stream somehow might have caused this, but I think I watched too much of The Simpsons when I was younger! 🙂

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Eternal Forms,
      Freaky it is, the researchers are very excited about it all. From what I read in National Geographic they have already ruled out any sort of pollution, it is just one of those things. 😀

  2. That is incredible! I immediately thought of the one-eyed fish on The Simpsons too.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi She’s a Maineiac,
      I must of missed that episode of the Simpsons 🙂
      If it had of been born we may never have known about it, it’s just amazing.

  3. A bit of a double-edged sword story for me. Sad that sharks still can be “legally caught” but good for this fisherman to know he found something rare and didn’t just throw it overboard. Marine biologists were likely on cloud nine getting a chance to see what this oddity is all about. Everyone else said it before me but I agree: freaky. I’m going to blame you if I have nightmares tonight!!

  4. Theresa Lauf says:

    How surprising. It looks like something from Monsters Inc!

  5. souldipper says:

    oh my heart gives a flip over any little being like this…

  6. Texasjune says:

    Today I heard a short news piece – mythical weapons are now a reality. Myth has recorded one-eye mammals, so maybe that could be a benefit in the future too. Maybe…

  7. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    That was hard to look at. You find the most amazing things, magsx2! You’ve got a gift for it!

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi SDS,
      Thank You.
      It is one of those amazing things, but it also makes you wonder how many others may have been born that we just don’t know about.

  8. Selma says:

    Very odd looking. Wouldn’t look out of place in a Sci Fi movie. I wonder if it was due to pollution of some sort.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi Selma,
      No they have already ruled out pollution.
      From National Geographic:-
      A mother’s poor diet—especially a lack of vitamin A—can cause cyclopia in mammals, including people, but it’s difficult to determine the cause of the condition in sharks, he said.

      Even so, Galván-Magaña suspects the defects in this case aren’t related to pollution. “The fishing area close to Baja California Sur is clear of pollution, is a pristine zone, and we cannot consider it as a cause for abnormalities in dusky sharks,” according to the study.

  9. travelrat says:

    I’d have thought any creature with just one single, central eye would have very poor peripheral vision, thus making it much more vulnerable to predators. Another reason most creatures have two eyes is that it greatly helps judging distance … especially essential to a creature like a shark.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi travelrat,
      Even though the 1 eye is huge, I definitely would agree that the peripheral vision would not be there. That I assume would be another reason this shark would not of survived.

  10. dearrosie says:

    I also think it’s very unfortunate that sharks can be “legally caught”, but thankfully the fishermen didn’t just throw it back overboard, and gave it to science to study. Poor thing.

    Sorry, I do not buy the “it’s not caused by pollution” line.

    • magsx2 says:

      Hi dearrosie,
      The researchers are still studying the shark, but as you know deformities happen a lot unfortunately in humans as well as animals, sometimes we never find out the reason why. Some things just stay a mystery.

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