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Our King “Mohan” (White Tiger) Has Passed Away: Queensland Australia

Mohan known as the “King of Tiger Island” has passed away. He was 17 years old, a very sad day for a lot of people. Mohan was part of the entertainment at a Theme Park known as Dreamworld which has … Continue reading

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Skyaking: Skydiving With a Kayak (Video)

This is just amazing. From You Tube: Danger man Miles Daisher casts a bizarre image paddling across the sky – 13,000 feet up in a KAYAK. The daredevil has turned extreme sport skydiving on its head after deciding to jump … Continue reading

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Safe Sold on eBay $122.93, Contained $26,000 (Video)

A safe sold by a Tennessee man for $122.93 on eBay, when opened contained $26,000. Just amazing isn’t it what you can find on eBay. 😀 Of course he obviously thought the safe was empty, he has since said that … Continue reading

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Brolga: Australian Bird (Video)

The Brolga is a very unusual bird of Australia; the bird was originally named the “Australian Crane” back in the 1800’s by an artist John Gould. I don’t know why the name was changed. The Brolga is a wetlands bird … Continue reading

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Barracuda Jumps into Boat (Video)

The barracuda is well known for it’s size as well as it’s fearsome appearance. They can reach up to 1.8 m in length or just under 6 ft. and 30 cm in width or 11 inches, they are found in … Continue reading

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Gambling/Driver/Flowers (Weekend Jokes)

Gambling A man spent a weekend gambling in the casinos, and he won $100,000. He didn’t want anyone to know about it, so when he came back home, he immediately went out to the backyard of his house, dug a hole … Continue reading

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Movie: Prometheus (Video)

This is the first time I have done a post about a movie, but I was so disappointed with this movie I just had to say something. We decided to go to the movies on Wednesday night to watch this … Continue reading

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Stairway To The Moon: Broome Australia

Some people call it the staircase to the moon, either way it is a natural phenomenon, that can be seen at a place called Broome in Western Australia. The best viewing spot for this is at Roebuck Bay. This beautiful … Continue reading

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Octopus Squeeze (Video)

It is amazing how a large octopus can squeeze itself through such a small tube, as you will see in the National Geographic video below. This octopus is 600 pounds or just over 272 kilos yet it manages to slide … Continue reading

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Napoleon Bonaparte Letter Sold: Paris (Video)

A letter written in English by Napoleon Bonaparte was sold at a French auction for 325,000 Euros. The letter was a homework exercise Napoleon sent to an English teacher, and is dated March 9, 1816. It was sold at the … Continue reading

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