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Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2013 (Pictures/Video)

People were arriving early in different parts around Sydney Harbour to see the fireworks to try and get the best vantage points. There were long line ups around Mrs Macquarie’s Point; (east of the Sydney Opera House) even though there … Continue reading

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Movie: Prometheus (Video)

This is the first time I have done a post about a movie, but I was so disappointed with this movie I just had to say something. We decided to go to the movies on Wednesday night to watch this … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Voice: Fellow Blogger (Video)

Here at WordPress we have a young lady with a beautiful voice her name is Janice, and her blog is Your Daily Dose. In her latest post she embedded a video that she had made which is the one I … Continue reading

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86 Year Old Gymnast (Video)

What an inspiration this Lady from Germany is, her name is Johanna Quaas, and she took up gymnastics when she was 30 years old. She is performing here during a break at the 2012 Cottbus Challenger Cup gymnastic competition, basically … Continue reading

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Moroccan Bow Lathe (Video)

No power required by this talented guy, Mostopher Dnouch does his trade in the Medina of the old Marrakech. Watch how he makes a chess piece with a bow lathe, really amazing.

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St Patrick’s Day in Australia (Flash Mob Video)

Here in OZ like a lot of places we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, of course it is a very good excuse for a party. 😀 In different parts of Australia there will be Irish music, dances, concerts, and street performers, … Continue reading

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Sculpture By The Sea: Perth Australia (Pictures)

Every year here in Australia we have this competition, Sculpture by the sea, held in different parts of Australia, but of course always on the beach. There is great prize money to be won. This year it is being held … Continue reading

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iPhone/iPad Concepts (Video)

When watching these videos, just remember they are only concepts. Will they actually be able to do all that these videos show; I do have my doubts, especially about the holographic display, but who knows maybe sometime in the future … Continue reading

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World Record: Oldest Salsa Dancer (Video)

Sarah”Paddy”Jones won the World Record for being the oldest female acrobatic salsa dancer on the 4th March 2010. Sarah”Paddy”Jones was born in Stourbridge England on the 1st of July 1935. Sarah was 75 when she won the record. When Sarah … Continue reading

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Dubai Pays Tribute to Whitney: Synchronized Fountain (Video)

The city of Dubai paid tribute to Whitney Houston; they synchronized their famous fountain to the song: “I Will Always Love You” Absolutely beautiful, make sure you take the time to watch this till the end; this is magnificent in … Continue reading

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