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Blobfish: Australia (Video)

The blobfish is found only in very deep waters around mainland Australia as well as Tasmania, it is a fish that you would not normally see because of the deaths that it lives at. They are usually caught in nets … Continue reading

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Barracuda Jumps into Boat (Video)

The barracuda is well known for it’s size as well as it’s fearsome appearance. They can reach up to 1.8 m in length or just under 6 ft. and 30 cm in width or 11 inches, they are found in … Continue reading

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World’s Largest Cuttlefish: Australia (Video)

Australian giant cuttlefish, is the world’s largest cuttlefish species, growing to 50 cm in mantle length and over 10.5 kg or 23 lb in weight, they use special cells in their body to change their colour in an instant. They … Continue reading

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Piranhas Attack:- Brazil

No this isn’t a joke or a Hollywood movie, it’s the real thing. Piranhas are in great numbers at a beach in Brazil called Daveron Beach on the Paraguay River. Apparently thousands of these flesh eating fish have invaded and … Continue reading

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Leafy Sea Dragon:- Australia (Video Inlcuded)

The Leafy Sea Dragon is unique to Australia along the southern and western coasts. The name comes from the leaf like look which covers the body of the dragon, it of course uses the “leaves” as a camouflage. It swims … Continue reading

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Barreleye:- Spook Fish (Video Included)

Barreleyes, also known as spook fish (a name also applied to several species of chimaera), are small, unusual-looking deep-sea osmeriform fish comprising the family Opisthoproctidae. Found in tropical-to-temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Wikipedia. With a head like … Continue reading

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Sea Serpent (Oarfish) Video Included.

Oarfish are large, greatly elongated, pelagic Lampriform fishes comprising the small family Regalecidae. Found in all temperate to tropical oceans yet rarely seen, the oarfish family contains four species in two genera. One of these, the king of herrings, is … Continue reading

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Is This the World’s Ugliest Fish? (Video Included)

This very unusal looking fish was found off the Japanese coast, it was nicknamed “Shrek” obviously by someone with a good sense of humour. 🙂 ‘Shrek’ is a type of Asian sheepshead wrasse which are well-known for the odd protrusions … Continue reading

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Fishy Foot Fetish:- Let the fish clean your feet.(Video Included)

Flesh-eating fish are creating a buzz in the beauty world. Spas offering the ‘fish pedicure’ are popping up across America and the UK – claiming to work wonders on tired, unsightly feet.     Known as ‘ichthyotherapy,’ the fishy procedure involves … Continue reading

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