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Safe Sold on eBay $122.93, Contained $26,000 (Video)

A safe sold by a Tennessee man for $122.93 on eBay, when opened contained $26,000. Just amazing isn’t it what you can find on eBay. 😀 Of course he obviously thought the safe was empty, he has since said that … Continue reading

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Star Trek’s Scotty’s Ashes Sent to Space (Video)

Actor James Doohan who played engineer Scotty in the original Star Trek series died in 2005, but his ashes has finally been sent into space. A California company launched a rocket carrying not only Scotty’s ashes but over 300 other … Continue reading

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Annular Solar Eclipse: May 2012 (Pictures/Videos)

Photos from those lucky enough to see this fantastic eclipse from  Asia to America. Above: Hong Kong stargazers use telescopes to observe an annular solar eclipse along the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, Monday, May 21, 2012. Millions of Asians … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Caved in Under a Pedestrian: China (Video)

This poor girl was just walking along the sidewalk, talking on her phone, and then all of a sudden the sidewalk just caved in underneath her feet. She fell just over 6 meters or 20 feet. Apparently underground water made … Continue reading

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Titanic Memorial Cruise (Video)

A cruise ship which has left Southampton with 1,309 passengers will be going on exactly the same route as the Titanic. On board there are passengers that are descendants of those that died on the Titanic or at sea when … Continue reading

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Japan’s 2011 Tsunami From Car Video (Amazing Footage)

A car in Japan has a dashboard camera going, just as the tsunami comes sweeping inland. You see the earthquake tremors, as the trees and road signs wobble. A passerby steadies himself on the shifting sidewalk, and then the tremors … Continue reading

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Helicopter Shakes Itself Apart: Brazil (Video)

Amateur footage shows a helicopter making a very shaky landing in Brazil. The chopper is shaking so badly it actually starts to fall apart. There were only minor injuries, and everyone walks away, luckily nobody on the ground got hurt … Continue reading

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Largest Cave in the World: Vietnam (Video)

Back in 1991 a local found the cave now known as Hang Son Doong cave, which means Mountain River Cave. This cave is very well hidden in the jungle and not easy to get to, it is located near the … Continue reading

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New World Record: World’s Longest Bike (Video)

A new world record for the longest motorbike ever made. Spanning just under 22meters or 72 feet in length, with a top speed of 56.33 km/h or 35mph. It was built by Colin Furze, a plumber from Lincolnshire, UK, in … Continue reading

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SOPA/PIPA Internet Protest: Web Sites go Black

On the 18th January 2012, or if you are in the southern hemisphere, such as Australia it will be mostly on the 19th, there will be an internet protest. For those that don’t know, which would be a lot of … Continue reading

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