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“No Touch” Touch Screen: Leap Motion (Video)

From You Tube: Say goodbye to your mouse. Leap represents an entirely new way to interact with your computers. It’s more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen. For the first time, … Continue reading

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Flying Robots Play James Bond Theme (Fun Video)

From You Tube: Flying robot quadrotors perform the James Bond Theme by playing various instruments including the keyboard, drums and maracas, a cymbal, and the debut of an adapted guitar built from a couch frame. The quadrotors play this “couch … Continue reading

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iPhone/iPad Concepts (Video)

When watching these videos, just remember they are only concepts. Will they actually be able to do all that these videos show; I do have my doubts, especially about the holographic display, but who knows maybe sometime in the future … Continue reading

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Seeds Buried 30,000 Years Ago Now Growing (Video)

Can you believe this, seeds from a plant that was buried by squirrels (I kid you not 🙂 ) 30,000 years ago, was found in burrows of the Arctic ground squirrels in Siberia. I know it sounds a bit out … Continue reading

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Motorised Shoes (Fun Video)

The idea for this was in part because he had trouble parking in Los Angeles. A bit of a run down: SpnKiX are battery powered and electric roller skates to be strapped on to each shoe. Each pack on the … Continue reading

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What’s New in Phones:- Nanotechnology (Video)

I realize this is an ad for Nokia, but this phone called Human Form just blew me away, at the moment it is just a prototype, but I’m sure you will also be amazed at what is being worked on. … Continue reading

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Bionic Projects From Penguins (New Technology Video)

Fantastic technology. Using the knowledge that was learned from the making of the bionic penguin, other projects are now being built, some may even be able to be used at home, such as 3D printing. All this is being done … Continue reading

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Levitation Technology:- Floating Lampshade (Video)

What makes this lamp floating is the integrated levitation technology. It consist out of electromagnetic components and a sophisticated control system. Next to the fact that they employ the very latest LED technology, the lamp is low in power consumption … Continue reading

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29 Year Old Hears for the First Time (Video)

Isn’t it wonderful what technology can do. Imagine being able to hear for the first time after 29 years, what an awesome experience this must have been for her. From You Tube  Sept 26th 2011:- I was born deaf and 8 … Continue reading

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Artificial Meat? (Video Included)

Now they are making artificial meat in a lab. The artificial meat will be made from stem cells. Let me tell you this puts me off straight away. This type of thing may suit people that are vegetarian, but I … Continue reading

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