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Stairway To The Moon: Broome Australia

Some people call it the staircase to the moon, either way it is a natural phenomenon, that can be seen at a place called Broome in Western Australia. The best viewing spot for this is at Roebuck Bay. This beautiful … Continue reading

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Last Chance in our Lifetime: Venus Travels Across Sun (Video)

Venus is due to take a trip across the sun, and you will be able to see this phenomenon in Australia as well as other parts of the world. On June 5 the world’s Western Hemisphere:  North America, north-western South … Continue reading

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The Sky-Australian Telescope (Timelapse Video)

“The sky over the Anglo-Australian Telescope” is an astronomical timelapse video that shows the movement of the Sun, Moon and stars over the Anglo-Australian Telescope (Siding Spring Observatory, NSW, Australia). It was created combining around 3800 different frames obtained using … Continue reading

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Earth’s Size Compared to Other Planets (Video)

It’s amazing how small our little planet is compared to a lot of other planets. You just don’t realize until you see the other planets put beside earth. The video below does exactly that, I found it fascinating, I hope … Continue reading

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