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Tired Old Dog: Short Story (Picture)

This story and picture was sent to me by a friend (Thank You John A.) and I thought it was such a beautiful story that I would share it with everyone. This is told as a true story, however I … Continue reading

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Bulldog Adopts Six Piglets (Video)

This is one special Mum, her name is “Baby” and she lives at The Lehnitz sanctuary near Berlin in Germany. “Baby” has been Mum to many different animals from the sanctuary, some she adopts, and others she has nursed. In … Continue reading

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Cockatoo Feeds Dog Spaghetti (Fun Video)

♥ Now this is true love ♥ This white cockatoo whose name is “Queenie” is feeding spaghetti to a dog whose name is “Kenzie”. The dog is an Alaskan Malamute. Sit back and enjoy watching these two beautiful animals. Other … Continue reading

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Rags to Riches for a Dog.

This beautiful dog that looks a lot like a labrador, is actually a mastiff mix, and he’s name is Roly. He was unfortunately brought up in a home that no dog should have been allowed to enter, hence he spent an … Continue reading

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Dog Thinks it is an Elephant (Funny Video)

You have to admit Fred (the dog) does a good imitation of an Elephant.  🙂

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Dog Attacks Shark (Video)

This is the most amazing sight. A dog attacking a shark in the shallow waters. There is a very small article about this in 7 News

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Dogs Get Married in Peru (Video)

I had to look twice to make sure I was reading correctly that they were marrying dogs, and sure enough that is what it was all about. You can’t help but smile, the dogs even “sign” the marriage certificate. 😆 … Continue reading

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Ultimate Dog Tease (Fun Video)

There are a lot of these around at the moment, but this one I thought was great. via Andrew Bolt.

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Brave Dog wins Medal:- Our Aussie War Hero Sarbi (Video Included)

Sarbi is a Black Labrador, and a genuine Aussie war hero. Her owner is in the Special Forces and whose name nobody knows for security reasons. But you could easily write a book about Sarbi’s life. Sarbi’s is a explosives … Continue reading

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Miracle Tsunami Dog’s Owner Found (Video)

How good is this, this poor dog lost at sea for 3 weeks, floating around of what was left of her owners home, finally gets rescued, and the biggest miracle of all is her owner is found, this is one … Continue reading

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