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Japan’s 2011 Tsunami From Car Video (Amazing Footage)

A car in Japan has a dashboard camera going, just as the tsunami comes sweeping inland. You see the earthquake tremors, as the trees and road signs wobble. A passerby steadies himself on the shifting sidewalk, and then the tremors … Continue reading

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21st July 365 AD:- Massive Earthquake Hit Crete

The AD 365 Crete earthquake was an undersea earthquake that occurred at about sunrise on 21 July 365 in the Eastern Mediterranean, with an assumed epicentre near Crete. Geologists today estimate the quake to have been 8 on the Richter … Continue reading

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Japan’s Cleanup Begins:- Before and After Photo’s (June 2011)

The amount of work that has been done is astonishing after the terrible Earthquake/Tsunami that these poor people went through, sure they have to start rebuilding yet, put when you look at the pictures, the amount of rubble, concrete etc. … Continue reading

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New Earthquake Hits New Zealand:-June 2011 (Video/Pictures)

These poor people in New Zealand have not long suffered from a major earthquake which struck back in February 2011, now they have been hit again. This time around they were hit 3 times, 1 measuring 6.0 and 2 aftershocks … Continue reading

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Japan’s Nuclear Plant New Images May 2011

New Fukushima power station photos The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has released news photos from inside the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, which was crippled after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.  The ABC News Gallery. This is a slide … Continue reading

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Graphic New Video Shows People Trying to Outrun Japan’s Tsunami

This video shows the panic of some people trying to outrun the tsunami that hit Japan. You can see in the video the horrific force of the tsunami as it hit and how fast the tsunami was. People trying to … Continue reading

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Japan:-Homeless, Hungry and now Snow.

As if the people of Japan haven’t been through enough, it has now been snowing for the last couple of days, reports are saying it has gone down as far as -3 deg, and with only intermittent power, it must … Continue reading

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Some Good News out of Japan. (Pictures/Video)

At last some good news story’s from Japan, finding survivors must surely lift the hearts of many, many people. Just watching all that devastation in Japan, unfold over the last few days, not only the earthquake but then following that, … Continue reading

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Japan 2011 Earthquake Update 2 (Picture/Video)

A new day and still we are hearing awful news about Japan, so many people have lost their lives in this terrible tragedy. Again my Heart and Thoughts are with all those people in Japan, I cannot begin to know … Continue reading

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Japan 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami Update (Pictures/video’s)

Unfortunately as the days pass after the terrible earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, the news just seems to get worse. There are now grave fears for the Nuclear Power Plants that were in the path of the earthquake, 1,000’s … Continue reading

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