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Whale Watching Season: Australia (Pictures/Video)

Our whale watching season has started here in Australia. The Whales start arriving from late May or early June right through to November. The whales migrate north from the Antarctic to the warmer waters of Australia. The whales that you … Continue reading

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Rings Made by Dolphins/Whales/Volcanoes (Fun Video)

I thought this video was really facinating. Toroidal Vortices “Rings” produced by dolphins, beluga whales, humpback whales, volcanoes, hydrogen bombs and of course man. Watch the dolphines and the whales playing with the rings that they have created, really beautiful. … Continue reading

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Baby White Whale Spotted:-Australia (Pictures)

Seems we have a new white whale this year. I’m sure a lot of people around the world has heard of Migaloo, a very famous white whale that comes and visits us here in Queensland every year, Migaloo has also … Continue reading

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Saving a Humpback Whale (Video)

From YouTube:- Michael Fishbach, co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy (GWC), narrates his encounter with a young humpback whale entangled in local fishing nets. At first, the animal appeared to be dead, yet Fishbach investigated and quickly discovered that the … Continue reading

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Migaloo, The White Humpback Whale is back. (Video Included)

Migaloo the white humpback whale has been spotted on Australia’s East Coast. Migallo is an Aboriginal name which means “white fella”.  Migaloo is believed to be the only white humpback whale in the world, and is about 14 meters in … Continue reading

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